When she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer (papillary carcinoma of the thyroid) doctors wanted to remove her thyroid. Instead, she did her research and …


  1. Wow…I went through almost the same!! Back in Dec. 1996, my dad was diagnosed with liver cancer. My husband started drinking again after been sober for 8yrs.Then in March /97 I found out I had Hep C from a blood Transfusion from 1986 after my last baby was born. I was told to get my affairs in order because there was no cure at the time for my geno Type. That same week my 42yr. old girlfriend was diagnosed with 4th stage lung cancer. Then April 25th/97 my dad died. Then in May/97 we had to get my husband and two kids tested for Hep C and my husband had Hep C. Lots of stress the year.! April 11th/98 my husband's father died. Then July/98 my girlfriend had died and the same day of the funeral, I had to put my 13yr.old cat to sleep because he had cancer. Plus so much more happening/but in Jan 2005, I left and divorced my husband, moved away. Then in Feb. 2005 I was diagnosed with a goiter.The specialist wanted me on medication for the rest of my life. Nope.. any way after been tested and biopsy every two years…its 2019 still here no cancer. ..but I do oils and know Im juicing marijuana keaf since June 2019…I feel it's smaller. So we will see how it goes! Im way happier and remarried to my school sweetheart since 2008 and had 6 grandchildren..life is great!!

  2. It’s tough to watch an entire 30 minutes of video. It be helpful if you could shorten the videos. Thank you so much for sharing all of your insight! This is the best channel. Thanks so much!

  3. "TheCBDistillery.com" will sell 1000 mg 99.9% pure CBD for $30. Melt it into MCT oil at 150 degrees. Endoca has 50mg suppositories but they cost. Here is why CBD needs more respect. BMC Complement Altern Med. 2016 Sep 1;16(1):335. doi: 10.1186/s12906-016-1280-0.
    Cannabidiol rather than Cannabis sativa extracts inhibit cell growth and induce apoptosis in cervical cancer cells.
    Lukhele ST1, Motadi LR2.
    Author information
    Cervical cancer remains a global health related issue among females of Sub-Saharan Africa, with over half a million new cases reported each year. Different therapeutic regimens have been suggested in various regions of Africa, however, over a quarter of a million women die of cervical cancer, annually. This makes it the most lethal cancer amongst black women and calls for urgent therapeutic strategies. In this study we compare the anti-proliferative effects of crude extract of Cannabis sativa and its main compound cannabidiol on different cervical cancer cell lines.

    To achieve our aim, phytochemical screening, MTT assay, cell growth analysis, flow cytometry, morphology analysis, Western blot, caspase 3/7 assay, and ATP measurement assay were conducted.

    Results obtained indicate that both cannabidiol and Cannabis sativa extracts were able to halt cell proliferation in all cell lines at varying concentrations. They further revealed that apoptosis was induced by cannabidiol as shown by increased subG0/G1 and apoptosis through annexin V. Apoptosis was confirmed by overexpression of p53, caspase 3 and bax. Apoptosis induction was further confirmed by morphological changes, an increase in Caspase 3/7 and a decrease in the ATP levels.

    In conclusion, these data suggest that cannabidiol rather than Cannabis sativa crude extracts prevent cell growth and induce cell death in cervical cancer cell lines.

  4. I have thyroid cancer and refuse surgery or chemo. I’m healing through oil and diet . Can you please give me her contact info I really would like to link up and talk with her and if she can learn anything from my dietary knowledge that would be great

  5. Awesome!!! 🙏🏼✊🏼❤️✌🏼😊😎😀 I had thyroid cancer at age24. Thank you for sharing your story and thank you for helping get her story out to the public. This plant is a blessing in more ways than most could ever imagine.

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