Episode 200: Brain Cancer Was A Death Sentence But Cannabis Is Keeping Her Daughter Alive And Well

In this episode, Alma (who lives in California but does not want her last name used) tells us the story of her daughter’s brain tumor. She was diagnosed two years …


  1. I was diagnosed with Glioblastoma in 2016. I was not able to have a full resection. I use cannibis 300/100, thc/cbd. I have MRI’s every 3 months, my next is in a few weeks. This June will be 3 years batting Glioblastoma 🧠

  2. Yep,I have the same thing,i had it removed,did chemo an radiation to no avail,now they suggested stronger chemo,i said no the tumour has come back,so i found a Doctor who supplies CBD an has had great results with the oil so im going to be a success case,i also have NF1.

  3. I wish we could go back in time we would not have done surgery. My wife had 2 brain surgeries. The first surgery she lost sight in one eye. The glioblastoma returned and the second surgery caused her to be almost completely blind. After the second surgery and radiation her pain was excruciating and I was giving her pain meds every 2 hours throughout the night. Until one day I said what heck let’s try some weed. Being the super christian she was caused her to say no but eventually she did and that was the last time she felt any pain. It’s been a year since the second surgery and no sign of tumor returning. We do straight weed and bought a vape pen for the CBD and so far it’s working better than Chemo and anything else the doctor has. If you are reading this please try it first before surgery and watch the pain disappear and once the pain subsides you aren’t in a rush to make a decision and watch the tumor shrink. I don’t know how long this weed thing is gonna work but for now we are good.

  4. Another great success story!🙌🙌🙌🙌 Thank you Corrie & Ian for this radio! I have a friend fighting this type Brain cancer nowadays. She's just looking into Cannibis. She's in Florida.

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