Episode 11: Lung Cancer Cleared in 10 Weeks with Cannabis Paste

David, from Eastern Canada (who does not want us to use his last name) cleared himself of lung cancer in just 10 weeks using cannabis paste. Use next link …


  1. After hearing stories & watching my mother be miserable from chemotherapy, I've wondered if dying from cancer without any treatment would be less painful. This video answered my question. Thank you.

    I myself have started smoking cannabis for issues inside my uterus. My belly feels alot better, although I haven't been back to the doctor in order to know for sure if it helped.

  2. I have smoked THC for thirty years. I decided to stop three months ago. Since this time I have noticed lots more pain in my body – especially in the right side of my chest. I have CBD oil and have used most days for the last couple of weeks but I think my body has used the THC as a defence system for decades.
    I've now decided to go get some gear and choose stoned again. Mother Nature knows more than big pharma who likes to think otherwise. 🍊

  3. I really do not have the time to Go through the comment section. Someone needs to have the guts to come out and say the truth. Chemotherapy is the leading cause of death in cancer patients.We know it but we are afraid of the government we are afraid of the pharmaceutical industry and power that they wield. Chemotherapy and radiation kills cancer patients from the time they stick that needle in you you begin to die. There is no money in hemp for them.

  4. Easier to make: 3 cups of water to boil. add 2 cups of unsalted butter. After melted. Add one ounce of pot. simmer for 1 to 3 hours, strain through cheese cloth into bowl. Cover and refrigerate over night. Remove cooled butter from top of water. Discard water. Remelt pot butter, pour in jars and store in refrigerator. Every day take approx. one teaspoon. Add peanut butter mix well and eat.

  5. Hi… awesome how natural medicine can do… thanks for share this… how can I speak with David or how can I contact him… my friend lives in BC an he is suffering cancer and I would like to take him to David’s doctor … I believe he can help thanks.

  6. The dosage is 1 mg per kg of body weight. The the second month 2 mg per kg of body weight. The third and final month 3 mg per kg of body weight….. I am a ten year survivor of glioblastoma.

  7. This is an out right lie cancer does not exist in this form wer taking any kind of drug will not get rid of cancer . Cancer is a fungus an can only b addressed by diet hence ph balance

  8. What an amazing YouTube channel this is only just found it and I am very impressed what is a maintenance dose how much do you need to take in a maintenance dose and how often I am going to see every single video that is a fact. I only want to know from someone in authority from the radio station itself please do not answer this question if you are not affiliated to this channel because I do not want any wrong information congratulations on an amazing channel I do have access to small amounts of extremely thick cannabis oil extremely strong it actually really does wreck me so I know it's very high in THC I would love to know how much I need to have as a maintenance dose sorry for going on congratulations on this brilliant channel thank you keep up the good work if you need a any kind of support drop me a line I could be moderator admin anything to help thank you

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