Elon's Brain Chips, Disabled Karens & Civil War? | W&W Podcast

Steelo Brim, Chris Reinacher and John Ros sit down and talk about the news of the week. This episode covers Jacob Blake, Kyle Rittenhouse, The RNC, Kite …


  1. Also love the show with just you 3… who needs guests… you 3 ARE THE SHOW & it’s amazing.. I definitely get a different/ better; original energy with you three besides not having guests.

  2. Ill stand for yall where I can. I hate seeing my fellow americans killing each other over nothing. Then to see alot of them support it makes me want to puke.

    Ill take the chip because ive seen my granny forget and lose everything she held dear. She still walks this earth oblivious to her world. It could save people from that and, maybe it even let me understand my daughter who cant communicate.

    They shouldve went hands on forsure, but never aim for legs or shoot at tires! The risk of the bullet traveling to another location is very high.

    A gun should be a last resort against an armed agressive individual. You should never point a gun at someone unless your intent is to kill them.

    Pepper spray should be standard equipment for all officers and people who meed to defend themselves. POM OC spray will stop just about anyone from doing anything but crying.

    Steelo was the doyles a wasteland 3 reference?!?

  3. Did something different this ep, I carried the DiPad Pro on the road and tuned in through the HS speakers. Having 8 speakers so close sounded pretty good except for when 'Your Stylist's Stylist' starts talking softer. Sterling, I hope it gets better because you wear your emotions on your sleeve. This is truly a bad time for all of us and I thank you for apologizing while totally aware of how this has been for you and those around you.

    Otherwise 'The Artist Always Known As Slim Sexy With The Glasses', you seemed down this ep as you weren't on your 'Nose That Knows' game as deep a lot of much needed parts during this show.

    Chris my new aka for you is 'Rinse and Repeat' because your after thought is so damn HAHlarious. Adult Camp Counselor is so fitting right now.

    So what else and/or who's missing? Where's Wrigley? I am glad Nucky was given co-producing duties because the many times he stood near the laptop(s), pulled cords accidentally, intentionally appeared all over the place… Yay Nucky is all I can say.

    And most notably missing… The Background voice, up and coming assistant (personal and show – wink), the secondary fack checker Lady A.

    Thanks always for these episodes guys and dolls. I know it's harder and harder each day for you to punch through. As you can see you are helping others including me but do take the time to process and live as you need to first and foremost.

    To start the show off about shyt was too funny but there's also a serious side to it and it's LET THAT SHYT GO!! Your body parts will thank you when you're older trust me.

  4. Absolutely love you guys! Just recently found out about you guys from the ridiculousness episode where they had you on and talked about the podcast. I'm actually a cleaner for schools during this epidemic and listening to you guys helps me get through the day, keep it up!

  5. they're fearful bcz at the end of the day, they're jealous. All racists deserve to die period point blank and considering that's like 80% of white ppl it would free up hella jobs and what not too.

  6. I feel the energy of not even wanting to do the show. You talk about current events and the events are so trash. It’s really frustrating to know how divided and blind people are in America. PLEASE GO OUT AND VOTE, YALL. Maybe you guys should talk about voting, give information for people who don’t know, and encourage people to go out and vote.

  7. Hey There, Beautiful Light Beings.☺❤🌍 Great podcast! But don't get too down in your Spirits lol. Keep your Vibrations high🌬✨ 🌿💚🦋🌠⭐ Like an energetic parasite, the System thrives on our fear, anxiety, and depression. 2020 has been a challenging year for Humanity. But it is also a year of the universal Activation & Awakening of our spiritual gifts.🦋🙏🏾👑 Right now more than ever, this world needs our spiritual gifts to heal & awaken humanity. Racism is the true virus/pandemic of this planet and if left unchecked racism will try to delete humanity. This is their goal. The deletion of our Humanity as Black People. ✊🏾🙏🏾🖤Yet, no matter how hard it tries, this system will never delete Us. Always remember this. America is a programmed nation.🤖 You asked why they (some American Citizens) justify the police killing us without thought. They do this because from birth many Americans have been programmed to think like droids to hate, delete, and consume. 🤖 Many will NEVER realize this, but America is becoming like a computer virus. 💻 Racism is just one of the programs America uses to mind control its citizens and delete the culture of others. Though their system is corrupted, we as humans must not give up hope. You got this. Keep fighting the system in your way Steelo. Our Energy is so valuable on this planet. Keep shining. Peace & Light. 💚✨🌿🙏🏽✊🏾☺

  8. On a serious note, I agree with everything Sterling said about seeing more of the same with the attacks on our people! It is so blatant so hurtful that it’s hard to even watch some of the instances we know are happening regularly. It takes me to an emotional place that I’m tired of being in. If you can’t see it at this point, you’re choosing to not see it!

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