Eat Cannabis OIL, makes you healthier then you've ever been – HOW TO!

How to clear your body of cancer, COPD, ALS, MS, skin disorders, Lyme’s disease, Crohn’s and anything else you can think of.


  1. Hi, my mother is suffering from COPD, she is in very bad shape. She's on oxygen 24 hrs a day and sleeps all the time. she is 75 yrs and has a very vibrant personality when she is not sick. How do I go about getting some cannabis oil? Please help!

  2. Those taking blood pressure medication and insulin, need to monitor their levels daily, because after a week, your body will be able to self regulate your blood pressure and within three weeks, your need for insulin will drop dramatically. You will need to taper down your meds during this time. As for having foul smelling bathroom experiences, the oil helps to put your body back into a healthy state, so your body will naturally remove toxins that have been stored in your body. This will pass, based on how much toxins are in your body. Some people never experience this while others will $hit pure black for 3 days. Just remember, the oil is helping your body, to return to a healthy state, so don't get discouraged, while your body is transitioning, just know that the oil is working.

  3. Suppositories allow you to quickly absorb 1/2 gram doses at a time, without the high feeling. When you need to saturate your body quickly, make them and take them twice a day.

  4. I have Thoracic outlet syndrome Rotator cup disease & Irritable syndrome & a touch of arthritis so I have pain constantly , somethings not so bad & other times its so bad I simple have no control…I am still not sure why people ask to have permission to use an herb that grows in the wild to help their illnesses, I mean if Marijuana is an herb then they should go after oil of oregano & so one & where will this end. at this time I cannot get the medical marijuana so I HAVE been smoking the other kind which I am not happy about, but since pharma medications never worked for me & I have a medical practitioner who is unwilling to support the use of it because of his COMFORT levels, I decided to hell with the system & It does help but there is a price, & that is getting stoned which I do NOT want.. but in retrospect I feel I have done the right thing for myself till I can access the medical version. I believe each of us as sovereign autonomy over our bodies & no one has the right to tell us otherwise.

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