Easy Instant Pot Chicken Recipe

How to cook in your Instant Pot? This is an easy chicken recipe for your Instant Pot. If I can cook in this Instant Pot, so can you! Follow along as I create this Easy …


  1. Oh goodness, you're funny!!😁 I'm shocked I've never heard of the musket powder seasoning, being from PA! I don't even have an instapot, but just wanted ideas for chicken! So thx!

  2. My son got me one of these for my birthday today. Now I've got to learn how to use it. I LOVE garlic. I live in Nevada but I am originally from Stow, Ohio. I love the desert, but I miss Ohio. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  3. Love the Instant Pot and love you more and my husband told me today he had a surprise for me, well I talk about enough and I hope it's that, and don't want to go in big stores right now because they are too dictatorial so only shop at my store they don't have arrows and announcements every 3 minutes saying we are all in this together, blah blah blah. You should be sponsored by Musket Powder you would be fantastic for their product! Rob was cracking up at you, I was too and can't stop👍💑💓😍

  4. Waller that there chicken…lol tad frozen all way frozen won’t matter still cook it’s under pressure…worms love tater peel’n’s and cornmeal yep cornmeal they luv luv luv it…that there Musket Powder has got my attention sure enuff does…where I get the stuff at?

  5. Good job!! My mouth is watering! I am doing steamed veggies tonight in the Instant Pot; think I've already videoed that meal before. Veggies turn out wonderful when steamed in the InstantPot!!! Have a good one!

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