Easy….how to make cannabis cooking oil

1 ounce of weed 4 cups of olive oil a cooking pot and a stainless steel bowl Remember not to let oil boil. warm for 2 hours follow me on Instagram..


  1. Hi from oz , just found your channel and really like the oil . I’m new to cooking this so thanks for posting . Unfortunately Australia is dumb and greedy when it comes to legalising cannabis for recreational use . It’s expensive to get help medically with it let alone this so cheers it’s great you’re showing how to use it for healthy food 🌸👍😊

  2. I use 7 grams at a time tops because one ounce of medical cannabis here in FL is $300. And it’s just for me anyway. Good info and thx. Love your kitties, I had a tortie for 18 years, she was sooo smart.

  3. Can you make a weed tea video.. my mom cant smoke it but loves it I think she would love the tea.. I've seen videos on youtube but your very knowledgeable and I can trust what your videos show.. thank-you!

  4. Wow you had me hooked how easy and lames terms so down to earth and definitely gonna show this video some love thanks for showing me a new side of life besides smoking well done video

  5. Did you do the break it down to prepare it for the oil. I am not too sure of the word Declolate or something. Is that necessary for this. I am hoping not I live in a senior building and they would have a fit. Let me know please. From what I see I can do this.

  6. Just seen this video and subbed trying to find out how to cool oil This video was so informing and you sure are a character 😂😂 it’s just so funny and cool to see other fellow marijuana franchise’s weed is beautiful and heavily underrated 😭

  7. I think someone suggested it below. A cheese cloth is excellent for straining. I’m also an advocate of using coconut oil as it has the highest absorption rate over butter (or) other transfat oils (olive, sunflower, rape seed)

    Love your videos tho! Just thought I’d add a little personal insight

  8. Once the edibles are done do they taste like the flower ? I’ve made oil before and it tasted like the plant but whenever I use distillate it taste like nothing. I was wondering how I could make my homemade oil made with flower taster less like flower?

  9. Great video! I don't believe it was decarbed first? I've seen several videos that saw this isn't necessary since it is decarbed in the oil when it is heated, but I wanted to check. Thank you!

  10. would you just use coconut oil the exact same way? just replace the oil in the same amount and do everything else the same here? i want to make gummies with coconut oil, but thought i had to decarb before putting it into the oil.

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