1. Watching this movie made me fantasize this is how my parents met since my dad is Mexican American and my mom is Japanese American. He's a second and my mom's a third generation but they met entirely different.

  2. Very good movie to inspire women to be fierce and genuine in the face of male-dominated cultures across the world.
    Also an excellent movie to display AMLF relationships are beautiful, inspiring, and creative when blended together.

  3. I am not bragging but this movie reminds me of every kitchen I've ever walked into. I always must prove myself and i always do. I never give up, always willing to learn and always want to exceed everyone's expectations. My knife skills usually always are the first step, once they see how fast and precise i am they generally stop and take note and move me up

  4. This movie is the American dream, many cultures coming together.
    💕 Juana is so ingenuis, and determined, making her own. Aki is such a wonderful character, also, such a good man. Glad to see such a beautiful movie!
    Unagi 🍣 is my favorite, i will have to find a sushi restaurant later.

  5. As an American-Mexican…. this was a beautiful movie…. They pushed on the idea of women in the workforce, which in all fairness made sense in the cultural sense as I understand the Japanese/Asian cultures, but was a little pushy at force given the American dynamic. I am not offended by women progression…. but the passion displayed in wanting more… that should always be addressed by any employer, and any employee given an opportunity to make or break themselves if they are willing to train themselves and put themselves on the line.

    This was a great movie.

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