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  1. So this is my 1st time growing and the plant i cut down has weed that smells like freshly cut grass and is really loose did i do something wrong? I only cut it down about 8-9 days ago any help would be appreciated.

  2. Awsome video – curious if you smoked your bud day of trimming .. how would the taste be .. reason I’m asking is because My stuff smells dank but taste little wet —- meter shows 57-59% in Jar . With 9 -10 day dry .. 60 percent humidity with 65 degrees cold thanks for all the help

  3. i commented on the guy i know who crossed god bud with cheese. he always has it , he perfected the strain, its god cheese , i guess u can do that? do you ever cross and make strains?seems like a headache to me alot of trial and error he didnt make god cheese overnight ,i love watching these videos,but i get confused ,there is no single approach ,always different tents ,lights strains mediums feeding ,o man ,cant i just get seeds a light and grow easy lol- i know what i wanted to tell you ,that dude i know god cheese guy he bought a trimming machine, for 3,000 bucks lol ,he loves it no more paying ppl to trim ,240 per oz i usually pay less but his shit is worth it-strains i remember bc bud these are the back in the day strains not my new ones shiskaberry,white widow,g-13,jack herrer,blue Cinderella,strawberry cough,cinderella,cali mist,blueberry,northern lights, u cant go wrong with these genetics but we have so many good new ones sheesh ,cereal milk i enjoy sherblato,i cant tell you dont fuck with jungle cake i didnt try a cereal milk buddy also dj short blueberry oh and mu buddy just had a monster beast she was lovely maroonish purple leaves very lush is il get the name was a pheno-but i tell everyone about these videos and post links so im good for a few hundred views and subs lol

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