1. = Just de-list cannabis from the schedule listing forbidden deadly narcotics via policy and treat as the deadly drug tobacco as liability disclaimer overkill , just adopting the same tested and familiar governing acts for commercial farming & trade taxes ,
    ~ including home grown exemptions for personal use , as it is with deadly tobacco narcotic that children die from eating 
    + end this decades long mass human rights atrocity and leave us to our safe , effective natrual nutraceuticals of choice [ OK ] 
    ~@ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfZt36YOs1c

  2. Did you know the Unted States Government hold all patents on medical use of the marijuana plant?? This plant has incredible medical possibilities in many areas! Anyone else find it odd that our government owns all the rights to it?? Hmmm…. smh…. when is enough, enough?!?

  3. There are chemicals in many plants that have bioactive properties. One is resveratrol, first shown to have anti-cancer effects many decades ago. There is a lot appearing on medical news sites these days about medical uses of marijuana. In fact a medical colleague of mine is promoting this. But the news reports say more clinical trials are needed. The medical profession is always open to new cures that work and don't have adverse side effects. There can be confounding factors in observational studies that are not rigorously controlled. Publication in a high quality journal after rigorous peer-review is required before acceptance. There is good evidence of adverse psychotropic effects making it ill-advisable, especially in young people whose brain is still forming through to the mid-20s. The evidence for pain relief is quite strong.

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