1. Hello 🌸 from perth australia. Its amazing how the universe always suggests the right videos just when I need to see them? Thankyou for this video. You have given alot of positive things to think about. Xx peace 🌸🖖😍

  2. What are your thoughts about cbd oil? I have 2 conflicting parts within me that cant meet at a middle ground. One part says it's ok and the other says it's not. I am afraid by taking it that I might be trying to bulldoze my way through spirituality.

  3. Love the insights given here. I’ve gone back and forth with weed in my life. At certain points being a daily user, other points taking a break for a matter of years. I think if you don’t feel right about smoking or using weed in general then that’s a sign. When being used though on the regular I think it’s important to stay mindful and look deeply into whether or not it’s not hindering your life in any way. These tricky pitfalls can slip into our life pretty easily if we don’t observe..

  4. i think he's wrong everyones journey here is different.. who is anyone to say that smoking weed 24/7 isnt teir journy. from his path its not good for him but them on theirs maybe its wat their supposed to be doing

  5. I found you through google to answer my question. And you did! You answered the question I already knew the answer to. 🙂 When I smoke I use it habitually and get the highest thc I can find. It slows me down, demotivates me majorly, and gives me serious munchies. I gave it up a few weeks ago after I made an appointment with an intuitive advisor. I just need to stay away. I smoked several times a day for eight years. I thought I'd go through withdrawals but I'm not. I justified my use because I quit drinking. They're both bad for me. Now if I could just get my eating under control….. Thanks for the video, new friend. Peace!

  6. Absolutely spot on, I have a very similar experience happening, using for growth is the only way it should be used 🙂 if one gets to the point where one thinks that life “high” is better than life sober, changes need to be made IMO 🙂 thank you so much for such a refreshing, unbiased, non-judgemental viewpoint

  7. I've smoked weed for 20 years and I'm at the point of quitting now because it makes me overthink and it's almost impossible for me to meditate or be present. Having had a few breaks I've noticed I'm more productive, sociable and less negative thinking. I also have lots of dreams when I quit which I believe is essential in some way

  8. In low doses it's very effective. Some ppl like to get HIGH. I don't like that, I like a little buzz. It gives me better concentration and I'm more in tune with my feelings. It's an enhancer. It affects everyone differently. Just like alcohol. Too much of anything is never a good thing. MJ is neither bad nor good. That's totally independent upon the person.

  9. Oh, boy, did you ever answer my question perfectly! Marijuana helps me connect spiritually in such a dramatic way, so I started ingesting more and more. Then realized I was becoming addicted and spending too much money on it. I will now curb my use! Thanks so much. I am subscribing to your channel. Much love and light!

  10. Why can't I concentrate on a particular subject whenever I do weed. Specially when doing spiritual practice. Too many subjects/topic hits my brain at a time. Is it good or bad. Pls help.

  11. I think this is a very sensible take. It’s like being rich. If you don’t have money and come on to it suddenly, it’s great — pay some debts, maybe buy a car or whatever you fancy. Very exciting. But if you always have money to do and buy whatever your heart’s desire, it would get boring. Same is true for cannabis. There’s a point where it ceases to be special in terms of the spiritual aspect, when you’re burning constantly. Well said, and true that it’s not for everyone.

  12. Ok, I have not smoked for many years due to adverse effects. YET, I am all for those who find beneficial effects and are finding their artistic potential. I agree that any compulsive and paranoid effects are damaging to one's health. Awesome commentary.

  13. really good commentary on marijuana! i used to use it purely for recreational purposes, but as soon as i let my mind be free of distractions and just let my mind think while under the influence, i learned so much about myself and the world that eventually inspired me to research spirituality, and i was shocked and amazed to find how much it all matched up with the thoughts i'd had while high! it also seemed to take me on a journey through myself every time, even without knowing anything about chakras or what they stood for, i vividly hallucinated songs and lyrics came out of my mind on the spot that described exactly how each chakra felt, and i found myself working through them again and again until the amount of blockages and turmoils in my life just plummeted. i am now far more at peace with myself, my flaws and my traumas, and the way i interact with others, and have taken my experiences to heart to try to put some good back into the world. just like ayahuasca, marijuana is a plant that exists to teach and heal us, but if we spend our time with it partying and goofing around or depending on it for our only source of happiness we'll never hear what it has to say.

  14. Very good question . I will view the whole thing when I'm feeling better . But my answer before watching is that it really depends on the person . Some people are pre-disposed to underlying mental health issues that can seriously become messed up with Cannabis .
    Other people are fine using Psychoactive drugs in moderation , for medicinal purposes .
    I've seen the worst and best case scenario , being a former user and drug worker .
    It's Russian Roulette basically .

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