Does CBD Oil Belong in Beard Products? – Fable Beard Co. |Angler Review| 2020}

CBDOIL #FABLEBEARDCO #CBDBEARD What it do what it is what’s good . Today the question is does CBD oil belong in Beard products? Find out what I think …


  1. I have the Grower The Angler The Roaster… favorite is the Grower then the Roaster followed by the Angler not a huge fan of colognes but I do like the Angler cause its an oceanic type…….Great review Matt I completely agree my beard loves the CBD line.

  2. Good morning Matt. Great review!
    I totally agree about CBD and I love Fable Beard Co! I have the Angler and the Witch Doctor, both are great long lasting scents that leave my beard super soft. I also shave my head and Colin's oil takes great care of my scalp too. Much appreciation and respect to both you and Fable Beard Co! Have a great day!

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