Differences Between Wet Trimming & Dry Trimming Cannabis

In this video we show the advantages and disadvantages to both wet trimming and dry trimming marijuana. We will show you up close why one or the other …


  1. This is a wonderful informative video – can I ask a question? At 4m50s the gentleman says that you can store (and cure) untrimmed cannabis in The plastic boxes shown, but this requires knowledge of gassing off. Could you explain how to do this gassing off, and if the containers are sealed? Thanks.

  2. i have gotten fire from wet trimming and wet drying, but you have to be a pro with the humidity and temperature and a couple other things or else you will get mold or rot. I like the smoke it gives when freshly dried. Letting them hang for two days then trim the fan leaves followed by more hanging and dry trimming the rest to shape and form, before jarring and curing is best for beginners and intermediate, imo. I do half and half because I'm only one person. I dont have the crew to wet trim all of it. But if i could I would wet trim all of it.

  3. I just completed a study on Dry Trim vs Wet Trim, and the results are conclusive. After lots of debate, I decided to find out for myself. I have done wet trims, and dry trims in the past, but not side by side. This last harvest I split each plant in two, and wet trimmed one half while dry trimming the other. The results are in…Dry trim resulted in more crystally bud that taste WAY BETTER. Drying environments and bud size do come into play. I would say 7-10 day wet trim drying period would be optimal. ~70 degrees w/ ~50 RH

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