Delta 8 THC / CBD cart from "Black Tie Cbd"

This is my review of the CBD Delta 8 Vape cart from Black Tie CBD. This flavor is the banana. I do not sell these products I only review them. If you are under 18 …


  1. I got at least four D8 carts and they hitting like hell 🔥🔥🔥 Very smooth and without the paranoid-ish shit lol I bought a Hemper A-Dab-ter and gonna be making vape bong/dab hits off of my Delta-8 once i secure this job lol

  2. One more thing has 1 gram carts for $18-$20. They are all I smoke and I haven't had any negative effects smoking 1-2 carts a week for the last 3-4 months. Total for one cart comes out to $30 and takes about 2-3 days to arrive in a small manilla envelope with a receipt.

  3. Delta 8 also doesn't mess with my panic disorder nearly as much as Delta 9. If anything it helps it tremendously. I have to climb ladders at work and Delta 9 will make me too scared to climb, but I don't have that issue with delta 8 I still maintain my confidence in my work.

  4. I intended on sleeping in this morning, but then this notification woke me up and I had to watch it!😂 I been waiting on this review. Definitely had me cracking up. I love d8. I been smoking it for about 3 month and the effects are nice and calming for me. If you smoke a lot at once, you'll definitely get a lil high. It's great for every day use, dealing with work bullsh*t, hanging around friends and family, and night time use for sleep. This is just my personal experience. Thanks for your videos, your my favorite and you're mad entertaining lol

  5. I had some of that shit and was freaking out lol I was high ass hell. Weed did that too me years ago thats why I stopped lol. Maybe I can try it again lol maybe I just smoked too much 🤣

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