1. whatevs dude. people who are not well informed will still buy super green herb. i did it alla time when i was a greenhorn. tastes fresh. it's not all bad. it's just that when u hang plants to dry, the chlorophyll comes right out of the leaves giving you a much cleaner smoke meaning that your lungs will take in more thc instead of the excessive chlorophyll. plus the mold becomes a lesser probability.

  2. I never said it was water soluble..A bong works by filtering out the ash..and some other stuff..to make tea right you have to use some butter…and just because it doesn't dissolve in water doesn't mean the rigors of a roaring boil won't get the thc off the stem/bud/leaf..

  3. boomboxbeat it dont cost shit son, im harvesting my first batch apart from nutrients and da right light you aint gotta worry bout shit it grows itself my man… get sum cuttings and be on ur way… peace

  4. depends where in ny get some nice haze for about 250$ u culd get some shitty regs for like 60 an ounce depends wat your looking for some real hight quality shit like ne where from 500-700 an ounce ur better of growing buy some seeds not more then 30 dollars

  5. It really depends where you are in the US. East Coast near NYC a good oz is around $400, Colorado/Cali $260-340. I would say avg 300 is a good price for very good weed. Of course you can always get brick weed for less than half the price… Canadian beaster bud that comes in is like $250 avg.

  6. Ever heard of supply and demand? All you non-American cannot come in here and state what our black market drug rates should be. The penalties for posession are worse here, the risks are higher, there are fewer growers, thus the price is higher. Not to mention prices range depending on quality. For all I know you fools could be smokin bunk ass crap for $150 a zip.

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