Crohn's Disease Survivor Shona Banda Tells How Medical Marijuana Oil Helps Her "Live Free"

Shona Banda, survivor of Crohn’s disease and author of ‘Live Free or Die’ talks about what it was like to first discover medical marijuana. Transcript follows: My …


  1. I guess we could be in a nation back in time more terrible this country but it is just a perversion of our society to be dam to death so someone else can make a profit and create medical jobs on the backs of the suffering masses . I am afraid to share my story for Now I walk and no longer live in a wheelchair and or a walker and my pain medicine has been reduced by my choice by 95% .It takes a evil greedy society to want us to suffer such a terrible death so the investor class can make a dollar . They make money on Doctors time ,pharmaceutical profits,drug addiction clinics ,medical jobs ,police jobs ,prisons jobs and building those prison jobs . You.must wounded what will it take for our nation to be caring and helpful and to offer hope in place of jail and death . As jobs are replace by technology and very few can get jobs and the majority will be getting a universal basic income check ,societies economics will only then change to a non capitalist economy

  2. We have had similar results with my wife's brain tumor. Its such a remarkable substance everyone should be allowed to have access and use it. I hope your health is still improving and the authorities see the light.
    Good luck to you and your boys. Keep up the good work. 😘

  3. Thank you for fighting for your (our) rights, Shona. I have a very short list of living heroes and you're on it! I'm so sorry for what you went through. It blows my mind to think of how hollow and inhuman even common laws can be. You were fed to the letters of a an unjust law and terrorized over it. It makes me sick to think of the undue suffering and trauma your son went through as well. You never deserved a moment of that darkness! Please know that. Forgive me for being socially inappropriate but I want to kiss you on the cheek and give you a huge hug. I hope you're now in better times and places and are taking good care of yourself.

  4. Ik maak THC en CBD olie zelf, volgens de Simpson methode. Dat doe ik, sinds de kanker van mijn oma. Het bleek toen erg lastig, aan THC olie te komen of tegen absurde prijzen. De overheid zou het daarom meer toegankelijk moeten maken…
    Zelf gebruik ik het voor mijn slaapproblemen en mijn partner voor de spierziekte. Het is goed tegen vele ziektes en gewoon plantaardig!
    Mocht u ook niet aan de THC of CBD olie kunnen komen, kunt u altijd mailen: . wellicht dat ik u kan helpen ermee

  5. my daughter kiki has Crohn's..since she was 12yrs.. now she 22yrs..with a son thats 2yrs..she keep losing weight..i need help for my daughter..she goes to the doctor..she take teatment at the hospital..still nothinh help her..looking for another doctor…

  6. Im a medical marijuana patient. I grow plants and have found that juicing the leaves (not the buds or flowers) will have the same effect as making the oil. I also have ulcerative colitis. my symptoms don't disappear but there is a huge reduction in my flair ups.

  7. I suspect the marijuana oil relieved the stress and depression so she could excercise and get out more and it's that which eased the symptoms. Correlation between effects doesn't mean they're related by cause and effect.

  8. good video. I use medical cannabis for my ulcerative colitis. I don't need to take steroids or any other pharmaceutical medications for my condition since medicating with cannabis.

  9. awesome: omg Im having sever side effects from the Humira shots IM taking ! 😢 I also live in Louisiana. Nothing in this screwed up state seems legal. I have had crohns since 1999 . April 10-2015 I had major surgery, had my left colon, rectum and anus removed and now have a colostomy! which has prolapsed and i won't be having surgery to revise it for 4-5 months and IM in sever pain every waking minute of everyday! I wish I could find something to help WWITHOUT all the deadly side effects !
    anyone with crohns who would like to become friends for support please e-mail me @

  10. now, we have some bigots at the Finney County Attorney's office prosecuting Shona for medicating her Chrons disease with MJ. What a Nazi community Garden City KS must be!.  the attourney states,  "we will continue to strive to serve the public by enforcing the laws.." BULLSHIT. This nonsense does not serve anyone. They will continue to enforce the laws of Kansas (except when those laws require funding education.)

  11. Please tell me: How much do I need? I have had chrons disease since I was 10 years old and have nearly lost my life twice from it. I currently have a medical marjuana license and I am also supplied with hemp oil. How much should I be taking a day?

    The doctors here want me to keep taking a medication that can have potential fatal side effects. My friend (who lives in Louisiana) was taking Humera and long story short..within 11 months he had died from a cancer he had contracted. I feel like I am out of options and no doctor here will help me. So I decided I am going to do it myself. Currently I am taking remicade. I was wondering what I should be doing. Taking pills? what?

  12. Wow that girl in the video looks good! Did you (she) always look this good, or would you say that enabling your (her) endocannabinoid system in her body with that misunderstood plant is the reason for presently appearing so healthy?

  13. Shona I'm so sorry about what happened! I saw the vid of what the cops and DFS did to your family on PJmedia. This sucks so bad. Your son tried to speak up for you and it makes me sick the way you all were treated. Please start a defense fund! People will love to donate to help you fight this. It can't be legal to invade your property the way they did going into your back yard. It just makes me sick to think how your proud son stood up for you and the horrible way he must be feeling. Tell him we KNOW it's not his fault. DFS has way way way too much power over our lives!

  14. That vaporizer is weird..  Someone should eventually send her a Cloud Evo or something nicer,  Well i know she's going through a lot right now so I guess that isn't really too important.  I wish the best for her and her son.

  15. Anyone who disavows alternative medicines has NO EXPERIENCE with the subject(although marijuana and opiates GROW on the EARTH, so these natural treatments should be considered Main Stream, but I digress).   Only those of us who have experience taking the drug, having the disease, or working directly with the research have an opinion others should value.

    My college roommate had Crohn's, and used non-medical pot to treat the pain, which was so severe, he suffered like Shona; unfortunately, he could not deal with a life that required a colostomy bag for the rest of it (to a 19 y.o., with his whole life ahead of him, this must have seemed untenable), so he ended it.  

    I support Shona and others like her. We must fight the ignorance of those with opinions formed from politics, disinformation, and religion. This type of ignorance is a scourge on our nation, our species, and our planet.

  16. One shouldn't underestimate the power of washing-up liquid to trouble the guts. These detergents are formulated to dissolve animal fats and if the plates, et c., are not thoroughly rinsed of it then detergent residues will find their way into the gut where the lining cells, like most others, have a fatty component of the cell walls. I do feel that the plague of various bowel disorders are exacerbated by washing-up liquid. It doesn't matter if the stuff has fluffy green messages on the bottle. It's still there to dissolve grease. Rinse! Rinse! Rinse!

  17. I empathize with Shona, having suffered with an autoimmune condition that is very similar to Chron's and involves the same wasting starvation and debilitating pain. Luckily, I've talked several surgeons out of eviscerating me, needlessly, and stick to a regimen that involves a strict, bland diet and the practical use of medicinal cannabis to induce an appetite and dull the pain. When I can afford it, that is. Even though I live in a state that has legalized medical cannabis, several years ago, no authorized dispensaries have opened yet and doctors will not prescribe because they don't want trouble from the feds.  Every patient is on their own to find medicine that works for them and very few will go to a street dealer to get it out of fear of being arrested and imprisoned. The situation is so BACKWARDS and just plain morally wrong! It's time to legalize cannabis, across the board, everywhere in the USA. Our kids have much more to fear from the proliferation of legal GUNS everywhere than they do from a freaking wild plant.

  18. Have Crohn;s disease for 40 years. Add Oregano oil to the pot and everything else you do. Have open perianal fistula but still have all my intestines.
    Kansas is a nazi state when it comes to medical pot. This really sucks! Fuck Garden City Kansas and their stupid mean cops!

  19. It's currently a battle with my parents on getting marijuana. The side-effects of my medicine alone are painful and make my diarrhea worse. The blood, the incision site of my surgery and everything that just makes my life miserable. When I (ingesting method here) all of that is gone and I can do things like homework and programming and enjoy hanging with friends without thinking that I have Chron's for once in my life. 7 years now and I am so glad I am pursuing my card. Honestly marijuana has given me my life back

  20. Hi there, great video & hope you’re getting on well.

    I'm writing a book on IBD and I'd really love it if you or anyone with crohns or colitis would take the time to answer a few questions.

    I want to find out what's working for people – i'm particularly interested in the diet and alternative therapy side. Hopefully, with enough responses they'll be some clear correlations with people achieving long term success.

    You can find my questionnaire at:

    Thanks very much.

    Vicky – aged 25, UC 12 years

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  23. Everything is different. To start with THC, which is transformed by the liver in 11-OH-∆9THC. Which, by my knowledge doesn't occur during the burning process. While with smoking most of the medicine is burned, comes with smoking the most of the cannabinoids spectrum digested in your system, with superior medical qualities to smoking for sure.

  24. Loved this and thank you ! My son has crohn's for 6 years now. He's still on pentasa and imuran. I fricking cringe when he takes it. I really want to start him on the oil but am worried that quiting his meds might run into problems with the doctors and maybe his mom. He's 14 years old and I live in a illegal cannabis state. He's a wonderful and beautiful artistic boy and I pray that he has a normal life. Any advice ? Thank you 🙂

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