Crock Pot Garlic Chicken // Ninja Foodi Recipe (Slow Cook then Broil)

This Crock Pot Garlic Chicken Thighs recipe is super simple. Yet, the flavor and tenderness of the chicken can’t be beat! You can make this in a traditional crock …


  1. Mike-I need to tell a funny story because of the times we're living right now. While watching this video you set my phone to have an alarm go off in 4 hours per your instruction to your phone. I am binge watching all of the shows because I am stuck in a chair for a long time recovering from surgery on my ankle. I have never been able to use the OK Google feature on my phone. It does not hear me no matter what I do. I had to get my son to come and fix it because I'm not savvy. Had to have a good laugh. Thanks for lightning my day. You both have kept me coping so thanks!!!

  2. Mike-when you were in Slow Cooker mode, did you set it to High or Low?
    I’ve read in so many places that “Low” is ridiculously low heat temp, and that the “High” setting on the Foodi is like the Low setting on the average slow cooker.
    Do you guys find this to be the case, as well? Just curious!
    Tackle any roasts in the slow cooker yet, or is this the first Slow Cooker meal in the Foodi?
    Haven’t used the S.C. feature on my Foodi, as of yet, but this recipe may give me a reason to try it! Seems every meal I prepare is either sautéd, pressure cooked, baked, roasted, or air-fried.
    Seems I overlook the slow cooker feature every single time!

  3. Making this right now in our Foodi. So can't wait it already smells so good. Thank you again for sharing another awesome mouth watering meal. By the way Mikey I did the same thing with the lid and trying to slow cook. Lol

  4. Maybe you could use that excess butter with the spices in it to have a little part of that in a sauce or if you are doing noodles and having a noodle (pasta)salad and you drizzle that wonderful butter over each plate and maybe also have some of the chicken in it! I love Chicken-Pastasalad.

    Love ya!!

  5. I love bone in, skin on chicken thighs. I made a mistake with using too much Cayenne pepper, one time. Made a chili that made me sweat when I ate it. Nice recipe sir, I will have to give it a try in my dutch oven.

  6. Mikey…..that pot is HOT!! I'm surprised you have any feeling in your fingers after all the times you've burned them. Oh my GOODeness yes!! Good job Aunt Lou!! Hey Miss Add, did you really wash all those dishes? Im thinking not. 😂😂 Love you guys and the Crock Posse!❤

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