Crock Pot Cleaning Tips | #45

It doesn’t take long for a well used crock pot to get caked with burnt and dried up left overs. Here’s some great tips that will help you get your crock pot back to it’s …


  1. I know this tape is five years old ! But I just gotten into using my crockpot regularly , and I knew how to clean the removable pot ! But I didn't for sure how to clean the base until now ! You are my hero thank you for making tapes that will be used for years to come!!! Again thank you . And bless you.

  2. Could you tell me please if there is a large washer that comes with this crockpot? I was given one and it has a washer, don't know if it belongs here or is just from something else. I think it would go between the pot and the heating element?

  3. I love this crockpot!>>> I own one and bought this for my daughter. Great size, the timer is such a plus, just set the time and once it's done, it goes to warm automatically. No need to worry if you're late getting home. I also love the locks on the top of the crockpot! You can take it in the car and not worry about spills, the top stays on and you carry it using the handles on the side. It's easy to clean because you take the pot out when you're done, wash it then put it back to store it. So many reasons to love this crockpot!

  4. Wow! Thank for this! I thought my crock pot was a right off after I had overfilled with stew, and quite a bit had overflowed into the inner lining and badly burnt on! I did exactly as you suggested leaving it for a good 2 hours, and it lifted off with amazingly very little effort on my part. My crock pot looks like new again!

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