1. @CynicalSavior Here in California we had a proposition to legalize pot on the ballot. You know what's funny–they interviewed people who supported it on the radio the morning after it failed–many of them just "forgot" to vote. They all sounded stoned.

  2. @DemonicGemini

    I'm fucking sick of alcohol drinkers too man. They're a menace to society. Hey let's ban it and see what happens. Oh wait we tried that already and it resulted in the establishment of the Mafia. Gee I wonder if there is a connection between illegal drugs and gangs today. I mean gangs make money by selling illicit drugs right? No I must be wrong because if that were the case we would have legalized all drugs by now to get rid of the gangs.

  3. @DemonicGemini Cuz stoners are such hardxcore drug users! Same with those damn coffee drinkers, them and their effing caffeine usage, keeping me up all night by makin' noise when their awake cuz they can't sleep off the damn coffee. I'm sick of drug users too, man!

  4. @TruthAndMoreTruth you really think he called 911 in the hopes that the operator would take the tape to someone to put it on tv? That's a pretty major shot in the dark. I think the guy was just a goof ball.

  5. Marilize Legajuana. Or at least decriminalize it like in Holland. I think the harder drugs like smack and whatnot should probably remain restricted for a while, considering you really don't want to make that readily available. Personally I won't use, because it's not for me, but I think it's a matter of personal freedom, and that the police and legal system should be put to better use. Plus it would gimp criminal gangs quite a bit if suddenly they didn't have a market for weed.

  6. @phoboskitty 900,000 Americans die a year from substance abuse, alcohol and tobacco. In 2000, 17,000 deaths occurred as a result of illegal drug abuse, while the vast majority of deaths were caused by tobacco and alcohol.Illegal drug abuse might be lower because of the criminality of the substances. in the span of 1920- 1933 (prohibition years) as many 10,000 people died due to bad alcohol and criminal violence related to alcohol. Sounds like prohibition saved a bunch more lives than you think

  7. @maxwellthedog Yes, they only must keep the line clear if no crime or other emergency is being reported. In this case, the dispatcher obviously had reason to believe the caller was breaking the law. Police quickly showed up to the man's house and found a small amount of marijuana and some drug paraphernalia. He now faces several charges including possession and illegal cultivation. It would be totally different if the caller was asking about how to grow tomatoes.

  8. Twenty-one-year-old Robert Michelson from Connecticut innocently called 911 to find out how much trouble he'd get into for growing marijuana and was promptly arrested by officers.
    The hapless grower was released on $5,000 (£3,100) bail after being charged with marijuana possession and other crimes.

  9. @phoboskitty great point, but i would say we should limit it strictly to psychological treatment medically infers that they can still prescribe more addictive drugs to cure your other addictions

  10. @mk6758 that is just not true people rarely die from drug use in of itself what causes death and injury have to do with it being illegal in the first place prohibition created crime and violence anyone with any sense understands this more people die from prescription drugs than all illegal drugs combined more people die in car accidents. addiction needs to be treated medically and not criminally

  11. @mk6758 I'm sorry to hear about your friends and brother, but in my experience the people that get ruined by drugs were helpless messes in the first place. All drugs should be legal, you can't legislate morality. Punish people for being reckless and irresponsible, but don't punish everyone for the crimes of a slim minority.

  12. I wanted to find this video, but do you have the full version where she asks if he's calling for an emergency or a crime in progress? That's the funniest part cause he's like"possibly a crime in progress".

  13. @cmillerpa33 sorry you have many people around you who have been around those drugs. I myself have lost almost all my friends and my brother to drugs. They are terrible things that turn respectable people into helpless messes. Its very sad.

  14. @mk6758 Drug dealers do not do immoral things for drugs. They do them for money. I do not think it happens often over pot. I do not smoke pot, but I have been unfortunate enough to have many people around me who have done all manner of drugs. A heroin addict might do whatever it takes for his fix. A pot smoker usually gets a job or sells pot to get his. I can only judge by what I have experienced. Someone who Kills, robs, or assaults people belongs in jail. Thats why those things are illegal.

  15. @cmillerpa33 Thats their problem, everyone has morals, you know the difference between good and bad, if your telling me your willing to kill, rob, beat people up or w/e just to get a plant to smoke than your insane and should be put in prison.

  16. "Hi, its jack-ass here, just calling in to tell you all that Im breaking the law in my house and you are more than welcome to come in and arrest or shoot me in the head five times for being the dumb ass that I am" Thats what he might as well have said hahaha

  17. @mk6758 Mike, you think the Government can save you by making everything they want illegal? If that guy grew his own little plant, he would not have to by his little bag of pot from some drug cartel funding kid that the cartel employs……. now perhaps you don't want to see that drug dealing kid lose his job to the cartels, but really? prohibition? come on friend, the government tit is getting raw, and the cartels are getting fat

  18. What's the point of this substance being illegal? Half the students in a high school are still going to have direct access to it at home. the other half can make a phone call. The point is WEED is everywhere anyways. I don't smoke but I sure as hell got plenty of friends that can supply… just saying.

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