Complete #Drying & #Curing Marijuana Guide – #kahlibuds Harvesting and curing outdoor cannabis. pt1

Harvest time! Your buds are ready for harvest, yet your job as a grower is not quite over yet. You still need to put your newly harvested buds through the …

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  1. I’m on my first harvest… I’ve been going for a slow dry to try to get the best terp prof… after letting my plant dry till wilt I chopped her and hung the whole plant in my bathroom was going for 60F/60%RH for 14 days… I’ve been running the bathroom exhaust here and there and have a mini fan blowing under the buds on high.. no direct air on the buds but still some air flow.. my question is… today is only day 4 and yesterday I checked and noticed the tips of the colas like closed to the floor are already pretty dry def not crispy still squishy and stems still bend but also it smells like straight chlorophyll… is this normal for the first few days when the compounds break down?? My temps have been 61-66 consistent and 54-61%RH never lower… I’m just worried about the smell is this normal? Cuz I know this happens when you dry too fast but only 4 days with cold temps?? When I squeeze a nug I pretty much get pure OG smell and the other strain in there still smells like it did before I cut all fruity… I’m hoping this is just how some strains smell at first and that the tips of the buds feeling dryer then the rest is normal? Any help would be greatly appreciated I put my heart and soul into research on this grow to try to not fuck up especially the dry and cure

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