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  1. Thanks to everyone who is supporting me by watching this video for the 2nd time 🙏💚🤙. I felt like this video showcased all the important basics to dry amendment gardening and wanted to make sure it was apart of my video library on YouTube. Video is a couple months old and my editing is for ever evolving so I hope the information is enough for you to like it 🤙

    A big f ing thanks to my 350+ patreons supporting me and the channel

  2. Dude u r killing it man need to watch more videos what would u do with a light that's is only 55watt led ufo to get more yeild maby add sme smaller led to supliment it what would you say to do as I'm on a low budget

  3. You should really look into colloidal silver for self femming your preferred pheno… If you self to self female pollenate you get a pretty stable seed because you're literally breeding the exact same recessives and dominants back into eachother… You'll get very few variations and more likely then not they are throw backs. But you can sacrifice one small bottom cola and make fem pollen from the bottom half of the branch and then get a dozen or so good seeds off seeding that branches top bud

  4. wit just one plant in a closet in a 2×5 homemade grow tent …do i need exhaust fan and an intake ? I can keep the door open up about a foot would that me enough air flow so i wont need an exhaust or and intake??…. i know to have a like fan in wit the plant ..on a tight budget lol would love ur input thank u

  5. So love going back and watching your journal so to speak, my god the amount of video you must have sheit.
    To see how far your skills with the camera, sound, voice overall learning ADMIRABLE for sure! Anyhow I am commenting here just because I was admiring the lag bolts holding the fan to the shelf lol. Well done keep it up man and if you ever need you a handy man to chill with I may relocate lol.

  6. I think Your videos are great but I have noticed your plants are not 100% healthy I have the same issue sometimes, you skipped from week 5 to harvest lol my guess it was the bat guano go easy with that stuff it's really quite potent less is more. Powder fertiliser is slow release you will have more than enough in there you need to unlock them and let the plant use them up, use an organic cal mag to unlock the nutrients go easy with this stuff to its highly concentrated and can cause problems, search for chelation or keylate/keylation cal mag helps with chelation and nutrient uptake. I think worm casting have high calcium content im not sure on magnesium, also don't use too much molasses it can cause problems if your plants aren't taking feed properly. Keep it green buddy keep uploading videos. One last thing I think a time lapse of your plants will help you better understand your plants.

  7. Yoooo Matt . I just harvested today for my first time ever . Two little plants took my like two damn hours ( I guess that’s the part they don’t really tell you about ) either way it’s some dank man. And I just wanted to mention bro you are the first person I ever watched cannabis related a really motivated me to grow my own meds. I was hoping to just save some money but I honestly can say I’m love growing man . thanks for what you do .

  8. Im leaf stripping and setting up a trellis for 1 plant. I did topped it 2 times and it has 8 big main branches about 4 feet. Then super crop to fill the trellis. I have 2 of them but 1 is smaller and am keeping for next flower half ways thru and ill take clones from the mother before i flower. Ill have 4 plants after im done these 2 . There is so many bud sites along the 8 branches and when it goes flat from the trellis there is going to be alot of weed from 1 big plant

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