Closet Grow – Marijuana Harvest – 7 Cannabis Plants

18+ As Always… Alright guys, the second grow is complete and in the books! the smell is so sweet in my house, its insane. Most of this will be made into …


  1. what's your lighting set up for a 7 plants that size? Also what are you growing in. soil or coco? Nice sized plants for being in 5gal buckets.. Nicer than mine turned out this yr.

  2. hey man those were some of the nicest plants and buds on yt, that orange one before the gsc looked delicious and those gsc buds were fat and the plant looked super healthy for that stage even the foxtails looked good lol

  3. Thank man,about 90% all pistols are amber but tricz still look about half clear and cloudy and still is green,so my ? Is should I flush another week with molasses till she turns or what cuz she is still swelling as well .what do you think.thank

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