Chronic Lyme Disease and Working Out | Seizures | Chronic Lyme Story Time

This video is about Chronic Lyme Disease and Working Out | Seizures | Chronic Lyme Story Time -Check out my Helpful Lyme disease Product list: …


  1. it is a very challenging, but absolutely important, part of dealing with lyme….lyme is catabolic not anabolic…so we often suffer from muscle wasting/sarcopenia…..which leads to more issues….ie weakness, unsteadiness, fatigue, weight gain etc. going to a gym is a nightmare idea for me, i am tired by the time i get there…..and i love the gym, i am a former competitive athlete, bodybuilder, runner, personal trainer, coach…..i use a rebounder which is fantastic for stimulatating your lymph system and is also easy on the joints…great when pain levels are icky…..and one llmd doctoe said that mild to mod exercise…..THAT YOU COULD REPEAT A SECOND TIME…without dying lol….is the best rule when approaching fitness. i completely believe this as the body requires a ton of energy AFTER YOUR WORKOUT to repair and rebuild stronger to prior.

  2. I know the feeling, of feeling too rough to work out, and when I do, I pay for it. I found out what I was doing wrong. I have a playlist of doctor talks on my channel, and in this one Dr Burrascano talks about it:
    And here is his paper on ILADS that also explains it:
    hope this helps, this is on my list of doing better for 2018…

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