1. i bought 1000mg, 2ml and i add it to 30ml regular vape juice 70/30 vg,pg what happened is my juice got cloudy as hell and after every hit i do it scratches the back of my throat like crazy!
    Is this cbd oil? because it's sitting on top like oil!? but if it is oil then why sell it for vaping? if it's oil that means u need ceramic veporizer to vape it rather than atomizer that works with vg based liquids. i just wasted 25$ on this shot as well as my last juice! WHEN CBD IS GOING TO HAVE REALISTIC PRICE? WEED IS 3 TIMES CHEAPER! HOW TO QUIT SMOKING IF ALTERNATIVE COST SO MUCH?

  2. hi there
    can you help i have a 50ml bottle with my fav vape juice and just brought a 250mg 2ml of cbd can you tell me how much i should put in the 50ml bottle i am big if that helps lol thanks

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