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  1. Dano 1947, you're 100% correct in your comment. And if you do have one and you actually know something, then they're pissed. Been there and done it. Drs are like cops. They both have fragile egos. And the more you know the more they get pissed. Doesn't make sense but it's true.

  2. Hi. Some thing you did not mention is there is CBD hemp oil and CBD oil made from marijuana. And no different than essential plant oils if you buy it over the Internet or even some health food stores it’s not worth flushing down the toilet. Buying quality products is the only way you’ll get results. As I was introduced to the plant-based diet I told everybody I eat fruits and vegetables. But if fruits and vegetables are grown in toxic waste chemical spray. What benefit is it going to have. I have suffered for many years with chronic joint pain and inflammation from chemical farm spray 50 feet from my house. hemp oil CBD gave me quite a bit of relief. But once I started eating the plant-based diet I rarely use it. Would you save on my feet after a shower. And oil under my tongue in the mornings. My two dogs suffer with the same inflammation from the sprays. I am slipping them some micro greens but really don’t know what is safe to give them. The inflammation is triggered by barometer movement sounds crazy I know. But every time that sun goes up and down you can feel it so these dogs just cry. You feel there a little necks and it’s just like a rock. For many years I told the doctors that I feel like my muscles are going to explode. I am so thankful I am becoming more free from that. I’d love to free my poor dogs

  3. Pamela Popper: Isn't that just another form of kickback, not unlike campaign funding as a form of repayment for pushing an agenda? I'm so glad you're blowing the lid off of medical scams. Keep up the good work.

  4. Pamela Popper : Chimo is toxic garbage, and one of three widely recommended procedures. Chimo, Surgery and Radiation and the outcome is each case can be pretty grizzly. Well the patient die, but the procedure was successful, no thank you.

  5. Pamela Popper: I have done extensive research into claims made by so Doctors and I am very suspicious of them. I am suspicious of Dr.Ho and Gundry and a few others. Having a Dr. in front of your name, doesn't make you an expert and people who have a Dr. in front of their names aren't Doctors, if they sell a product, they're salesmen.

  6. Doctors are too busy making MONEY to have a conversation with you, you're lucky to get 5-15 minutes in a doctor's exam room, and this is 30 minutes after your appointment.

  7. So they DO have THC! I'm extremely sensitive to it, it triggers a neurological condition I have and temporarily paralyzes me. I smelled some CBD oil at the store at one of those merchandizer tables where they were sampling it, and suddenly had some minor paralysis in my face and leg. I thought CBD oil must do the same thing to me, and I can't say for sure it doesn't, but my first thought was it had more than a bit of THC in it, even though they swore it didn't. What annoys me the most about these sales people is listening to uneducated merchandizers trying to "educate" shoppers about biology when they're just regurgitating company talking points. I mean, I get it, my ex was a merchandizer, I understand how their job works. They just do whatever they were hired to do for a few days. But I have a degree in Biology and good lordy, the things they say to people to make a sale is crazy. So unethical. FYI, don't get your health info from the grocery store.

  8. Thank you for clearing this issue up for me, Pam. I've been highly skeptical of the whole CBD oil craze and it explains why I've gotten so many conflicting, uncertain anecdotal responses from users like, "You just have to play around with it and find what dosage works best for you" while others absolutely swear by it so I've just avoided it all together. This clears things up far better.

  9. I've been following the CBD craze, which is very popular here in Oregon. I read up on the subject daily as I am on a popular Facebook group…"CBD Oil Users." Many people are discovering unwanted factors with CBD. Namely, CBD works only for some people. Product quality is unpredictable, therefore effects are also. CBD may suddenly begin behaving the opposite of expectations. Nothing about CBD is dangerous from my experience. I find low doses of THC are far more effective in calming. anxiety, and insomnia…low doses do not produce a high. Many CBD group members find CBD ineffective, and for that reason I predict a crash in the marijuana market within a year. The lack of standardization of CBD products is extremely troubling, and manufacturers have shown an unwillingness to establish standards in manufacturing. I believe CBD customers will give up on the product within the near future, again for the lack of standardization within the industry. As for the retailing outlets for marijuana products, quite hopeless in the knowledge retailers lack. What a shame, there is such potential for this product, but marketers fail to demonstrate long-term dedication to the product.

  10. Thank you for this important work, we need real scientific information for everything we take into our bodies or put into the environment , your work is helping people stay healthy. THANKS

  11. How ironic! I was thinking of asking for the name of a plant-based doctor in my area, and you talk in this video about the fact that you don't provide such recommendations. Therefore, I won't ask. You must get asked for such recommendations often.

  12. Buying CBD online over the internet is very sketchy, as to the authenticity of the product, however. Purchasing it from a medicinal clinic highly increases the chances of the products authenticity…

  13. Thank you Dr. P. I’ve been wondering if the CBD cream might trigger a positive drug screen. I have some chronic muscle pain in my hands and have been wondering if I should try it. I’m a RN, so can’t risk a random drug test, while unlikely, to come up positive. Great investigative reporting!

  14. We are trying to get a beloved cancer Patient to eat, They r using Steriods but i much prefer use of CBD oils as the benefits out weigh the risks in this particular case.
    What would you lean towards ?

  15. Thanks for this. I know people selling it through direct sales companies similar to people selling essential oils. A lot of the claims made definitely sound too good to be true. Looking forward to your continued updates on this product.

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