CBD Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil – EXPLAINED!

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  1. Use hemp seed oil in my DIY beard oil as well as argan, jojoba, vitamin e, and avocado. On the days were my skin feels irritated I use pure hemp seed oil to calm the skin.

  2. My main oil brand actually uses helpseed oil as its main carrier. Its anti inflammatory properties is actually why i kept growing a beard as when I tried to grow in the past and used any other oils I was really bad for it being inflamed and sore and irritated and I don't get that with this brand and feel its a lot to do with the hempseed base

  3. Great vid as always Dan C, I love a hempseed oil in my balms. For oil I use Rebel’s Way unscented 100% natural made by ecla skin care in New Brunswick Canada. I live in Airdrie, Alberta Canada and love all your videos. Decided to grow a full mountain man beard around 6 months ago and your channel is awesome. I also use burnt whiskey Capone beard balm to lock in the moisture. It’s locally made in Calgary Alberta. Would love to chat more on CBD and anything bearded if you have a free minute Dan.



  4. Yes Dan the man! I have infact have had CBD OIL and HEMP OIL and I can safely say that CBD OIL is far better! From the marijuana plant if that is clear! The skin benefits also the benefits of it being in coconut oil is absolutely amazing.. Its made my beard denser than its ever been

  5. Thanks for this. I was actually looking to research CBD oil in general, and this gave me some great basic information. The fact that you also have beard oil was the icing on the cake.

  6. I wonder if and when every STATE legalizes Recreational use of Marijuana if a company won't need the COA or it will not be as important.

    TBH I didnt notice any difference using Hemp Seed Oil. May have been the company but the CBD I used, huge difference. Awesome video!! 👊

  7. Living in Tn they have not allowed recreational use yet. Would the CBD oil be considered as such or is there any other problems i would encounter ordering this oil. Also what is the scent or does it override the scent that you get?

  8. Have not tried CBD oil in beard products. Too expensive. My questions is why isn't more companies useing it ? I understand that it's new-ish to beard care. But name brand companies that have been around for a long time are not useing CBD. Or are barly useing it. Are they afraid of legal action?

  9. I'm trying my best to get a job at a CBD products plant that has moved into my area! I'm laid off from coal mines since March due to demand, so I'm ready for a change in occupation. Covid 19 has put a damper on getting decent jobs atm so fingers crossed! Only problem with this plant is it's trying to gain ground and acceptance in the (Bible Belt) of VA.

  10. It is so pathetic that the US has all this huffing and puffing about plants so much so that harmless beard products have to go through tons of bureaucracy.

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