CBD Oil Update // aGirlWithLyme

As many of you may know I did a video on my experience with taking CBD Oil for my Chronic Pain in December. Today that is currently the most viewed video on …


  1. You should start cbd oil slowly and then increase. Taking too much at one time can actually have the no effect if you haven’t opened up your receptors slowly first.
    Should start 1-2 drops a day for a week then increase to 3-4 drops a day the following week etc till you find what works for you

    Look into Lazarus Naturals.
    They’re reputable! They provide third party testing and offer discounts!
    No mlm etc

    And if you use code LilRed you can get 10% off your first order

  2. When you're taking CBD oil with THC you're killing off Lyme and when you kill off Lyme you you will herx that's what you were experiencing not that you're sensitive to it it's a die off in your bloodstream you have to detox detox detox!

  3. Hi Shaelene, I enjoy your videos and find your content matches my plight. I am a 42 year old former Marine that 2 years ago fell ill to Lyme. Like everyone else, all my doctors thought it was all in my head because their test did not show anything. it wasn't until I was recommended going to Dr. Chitra Bhakta. She recommended that I try CBD tinctures. In this respect, guess I am lucky that I am the opposite of you. I do not feel any psychedelic effects at all and I get about a good 3 to four hours of pain relief. Not I need to find to way to combat the weakness and always being tired. As always, I appreciate the video.

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