CBD Oil Review – CBD Vape Juice Additive 300mg, 500mg

Big J reviews CBDfx’s 300mg and 500mg CBD vape additives! This is high strength CBD oil at its finest. At 300mg and 500mg of full-spectrum CBD per 10mL …


  1. I like the review, but it's VAPE juice additive, never once did you mention that… I came and watched a 13 minute video on how to use it and you put it under your tongue. lol.. time to keep youtubing. love your content though, I'm just picking.

  2. The question is, thats not isolated cbd right?
    So even if is taste like ash,: 50mg/ml isolated vs 50mg/ml full spectrum, how big is the difference in bioavailability for the body?
    Full spectrum is the double than isolate cbd? is a 33% stronger, a 10%?
    Answering aprox would be the real deal, thanks.

  3. Ok in your opinion. I tried other cbd and it worked but it wore off fast. I work with my hands for years . Had back surgery knee surgery and sholder surgery. And like you my mind run at night and have PTSD. I had a doctor say I could benefit from medical marijuana. But my work I like having all my arms . So would this work or do I need a higher dose ?

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