CBD oil for Dementia

My mother was slowly falling into a catatonic dementia and was no longer speaking to me. I could not even get her to drink water. After only 5 treatments (1 soft …


  1. This is very heart touching to me. And it remind me of my mom in the same too. I gave her drops of cbd oil, but it was too late. I wished I knew about it sooner. I missed her since 2016. 🙁 Anyway, I hope your mom will continue to improve until she is able to regain her independent, back home and back to where she was before she had dementia in the beginning. It's possible! Let's hope it happen.

  2. My friend's wife has early onset dementia or whatever (she's not even 70 years old but has dementia apparently) and I just straight up asked them if they think CBD would help for it and they seemed open minded to the possibility of trying it. So thanks for posting this as it seems to be useful for all sorts of things, including that.

  3. Wow this video is so amazing! She is so so so alert it is awesome! I am doing a lot of research on it because I cannot work due to fibro getting worse. I may have to quit my job because I am struggling to push through every day. I hope it becomes more affordable soon!

  4. Going to take my mother to church today, on other side of building… We had to stop going a while back as before CBD oil she was making non stop noise and disturubed others when her dementia was bad. My mom is making so much progress its unbelievable. She is starting to feed herself again and can hold her own water and drinks well again.

  5. Amazing!! My mother is talking lits more today, even the nurses said she is making big improvements and now her eyes have changed and a big and blue again.. BEFORE CBD oil they were sinking into sockets and looked gazed over. So thankful for the North Star CBD oil.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story with the world. This video could benefit so many more families. I work in the CBD industry, and I've got huge passion for these product. I've study and done so much research on I t. Yet, I find more and more things daily that love about CBD OIl. Would love if you kindly gave permission allowing me to share your story to educate others on the benefits of this godly plant. ( Maybe even an interview with you or the both of you later down the road. I cant wait for the next update. The emotion in your voice when she spoke really touched me deeply. Your are an amazing person and daughter, often times this is not the case for others. It's a very difficult illness to cope with. Also, did I hear you correctly Northstar is the brand of the oil (I understand one can not put price on a mother's well being, but $180 geez…(Bless your heart) A plant naturally grown due to the creation of Earth is a plant intended for humans to consume, healing should not be so expensive. I m so happy for and your mother that you have the means of acquiring this lovely oil. Hoping to hear back from you soon! I tend to forget my youtube notifications, Feel free shoot me an email spicerlifeme.CTFO@gmail.com Have a Wonderful day dear. Team Spicerlife   TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE THE FUTURE OUTCOME!!! Cause Living Shouldn't Hurt. I <3 My CBD Oil !

  7. Good Morning Colleen
    This video made my day, It brought tears to my eyes. yes, thank you God for making a plant that will help your beautiful Momma and so many others. The way you care for her and decorate her room is just amazing. You are blessed to still have your sweet Mom and she is so blessed to have you.Her room is enchanting and you have made it so cozy. I will keep her in my prayers Colleen, loved this video***

  8. Thanks everybody! I was under so much stress watching her slip into a dementia coma and even though the doctor said my mom would benefit from CBD oil, some nurses are uneducated and one nurse told me "If you kill your mom…" Doctors told me my moms heart is very weak and they can't fix that, but if I can make her life better, I will most certainly do that…

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