CBD Oil (Cannabidiol) Guide || Dosage, Benefits, Full Spectrum vs Isolate, Side Effects & More!

CBD Oil / Cannabidiol Guide: CBD Dosage, CBD Isolate vs Full Spectrum CBD Benefits, CBD Oil Side Effects, How To Take CBD Oil, The Best CBD Oil For …


  1. Hi
    I heard alot stories about people using cbd oil for autsim or seizure
    I have questions about these disorders when using cbd is it something used for period of time like 6 months then stop taking it because u reach yr goal or is it something will live with u i mean will take several years

  2. Every video talks about how great CBD oil is. BUT not how to administer it. If you have a muscle, knee or or hip joint pain. How much CBD oil do you apple to the apple topical?

  3. Cannabidiol often abbreviated as CBD is one of the prominent cannabinoid compounds found in the cannabis plant. Highly known for its medicinal properties, this cannabinoid compound does not make you feel stoned. Derived from the Hemp Plant, CBD interacts with the regulatory system of the body to boost the processes and improve the bodily functions.

    It is recommended by many doctors and health care experts due to its intoxicating and therapeutic benefits. It is different from the THC cannabinoid as THC is responsible for causing a psychoactive effect on the user.

  4. Hi: There are so many cbd’s, they say is good for anxiety, depression and so on, but I have also read that when a person is into drugs for this conditions, taking cbd is risky. So what do people who use drugs do? Wait till they get off their medication to start on cbd? If that were the case why use cbd then? Could you expand on this subject please? Nobody talks about how to handle cbd if you are in medications! Thank You

  5. Thanks for great VDO. How much does it cost for 30 ml of CBD full spectrum in Amsterdam? I will have a chance to visit your country soon. I want to try for my cronic insomnia to replace melatonin which I have used daily for years. Your advice will be much appreciated too.

  6. I am a private person however I’m going to comment on my journey down from morphing. I have nerve issues in the upper thoracic. The short of it is that because of where it is I have been told no sugary. I’ve been through everything you can think of with the pain that wraps around my rib cage and the constant feeling of electrical shocks firing off 24/7/365.
    I have gotten use to some of this over the past five years and have learned my limitations. I also found CBD oil. I have reduced my pain meds more then half. I also believe that I will make it off of the morphing. So, if you have found yourself in my position please give the CBD oil a chance. I sleep better and finally feel that I do have life left to live.

  7. Let me start by saying how much I appreciate the knowledge from your program. I am very new at this CBD, THC field. Unfortunately a close friend of mine is diagnosed with stage four nasopharyngeal cancer. I was told CBD or THC would help him to alleviate the nauseous feeling from chemotherapy and will increase his appetite. But nothing seems to work even though he’s been using this for two months now. He is depressed, not willing to eat, He has sores inside his mouth that stops them from eating. Maybe we are just not giving him the right dosage ? I am always confused by how to interpret the dosage. The bottle says 300 mg. The dropper inside the bottle is measured by ML. So what would it be in ML if I want to give him 25 mg? And what is a “dropper”? And what is one drop? Thank you very much.

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