1. Congrats Sammy on your new biz venture. Wish u nothing but the best. Def looks like all your hard work paid off cause u have some seriously beautiful cbd flower there bro. Can’t wait to see what all your other strains look like cause I’m sure there all some serious 🔥 too. Also Good to see u back makin some vids again and Hopefully now it’s time to relax and enjoy the rewards for all your hard work. So congrats again bro n I’ll keep supporting too anyway I can 👍

  2. Them buds, looking good. About to get my seeds going this weekend. Hoping I have enough room to keep them under lights as long as I want. Sister plants take priority but if I had it my way….

  3. nice to see you back man. but u were actually supposed to give that Baox away on your last video before u went missing for awhile. you remember? its all good, just popping off to see if you remembered. ha.

  4. Hey bro hope all is well it’s great seeing you again Fam!! Hot ass day here in Ny lol.Anyways buds are looking great I hope I can get some money up to get some soon. and yeah I don’t blame you on the trim because flowers can be so delicate and you don’t want to cut off the orange hairs so I definitely understand. Ziggy w I’m probably not qualified lol but I’m happy to see you again bro no homo I missed you. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend stay safe !!

  5. That purple sherbert is looking proper and I don’t blame you for not trimming the sugar leaves with the trichomes on them. I probably would have left them on also

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