CBD Detox Tea, Nutraburst & NRG Results | What is Techui? | TLC | Distributor Info

Here’s a quick break down of CBD, Nutraburst, NRG, Techui, in addition to be able to see my results (2 weeks, 5 weeks, NOW) after taking these products …


  1. This was the BEST video I've seen this far on these products, you were very thorough in your routine and that was very helpful. I have both teas, resolution drops, trial size of nutraburst. I will order the big bottle now. Thanks again Hun for this video, I'm subbing to you now as well.

  2. I just want to thank you. How well you explain all the products I order the tea myself by ph. The operator sign me to a sponsor who I didn't know! Upset yes now! Now that I heard you im coming your way lady.

  3. Hi thanks for sharing. I just started the tea but it makes me go to the bathroom alot along with cramps, even throughout the night . I work a 10 hour shift at night
    I dont know how to continue to take the tea without crapping so much and using the bathroom so much

  4. This video has alot of information. I needed this i ordered the products and I seen so many videos on how to use them it didn't say exactly how many to use or anything. This video was very helpful thank you.

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