Captain Dislocate, Weed, and the Many Facets of David Gravette

Hop in and take a ride around Portland with David Gravette as he shares what’s on his mind. Everything from weed, his battles and wins with Captain Dislocate, …


  1. I was fishing with my dad in the U.P. of Michigan, we also were in a little boat. But the mosquitoes were killing my dad but not me. The only factor we could figure was that I was smoking weed and he wasn't. So he never smoked but the skeeters got so bad he hit the joint about 3 times and they finally left him alone. 😂🦅 We saw and eagles nest too. 👍

  2. Dry vaping 1:1 cannabis flower helped me get off opiates Doctors had me on for 15+ years. Cannabis is an INCREDIBLE thing my quality of life has increased dramatically over being on the Pills I'm not a zombie anymore and can actually be active again with my kids. God Bless this man and any and all who advocate for cannabis. I'm lucky enough to live in Canada and grow my own check it out

  3. I've watched this video probably 6 times. And David your an old sole. Reminds me when I was younger just didn't have all the parks Del Mar Upland then they got dozed, I'm 53 now over weight and God dam it you make me want to skate again. Good job. And keep doing what makes you happy. Plus your fucking funny as Fuck!!

  4. Didn't know about Gravette until rather recently and he's easily become one of my favorite guys to watch. He reminds me of our bass player in our old punk band Cavity. The way he talks and his face is even the same

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