Cannabis vs Cancer Dr Sanjay Gupta CNN The CBD Discovery

If you’ve been carefully following the marijuana legal battle, you know CBD (also known as cannabidiol) is on the brink of a major medical breakthrough.


  1. This product could heal my mother of her cancer but she won't listen to any evidence because she's convinced that Marijuana is evil…She claims that it is the responsible for most of our troubles…Guess she's not planning on living that long…

  2. I don't have cancer so I can't speak on that. I do have an auto immune disease that can put me in some serious pain. I use a CBD oil derived from the Charlottes Web and AC/DC cannabis strains. It doesn't take pain away, but it helps take the edge off. It does help me relax and sleep. It also helps with appetite (not like the munchies). Usually all the pills can leave me feeling kinda blah and without appetite. I do notice a difference and encourage others to research and try CBD. It won't hurt you. So what is there to lose?

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