Cannabis on prescription – The future of medical marijuana – Documentary

Cannabis, also known as marijuana or weed, is being legalized for medicinal use in a growing number of countries. Perceptions towards cannabis are changing …


  1. Please consider suiting yourself regardless of professional medical prostitutes. Overgrow the shitstem.
    Or in UK search Project21 David Nutt today. They are looking for pilot study patients to be prescribed cannabis this year.

    France has a massive wine industry and doesn't want UK or worse US cannabis affecting their market share. They are not wrong about some harms but their notion that they and their professionalism can make you safe and make your decisions for you better than yourself is offensive and besides the point.

    You have a right to whatever folk medicine you believe in. Period.

  2. There needs to be a share function, with this video, as I, am trying to teach some Arrogant, Ignorant, Sadistic Doctors, at my local hospital, about the benifits to human health, from Canabis.
    The Doctors, have tested me illegal for THC, then lied to various government agencies, after destroying the test results, which has pissed me off, as they refused, Stacey, saying "it's got nothing to do with treating your condition" – it does however, have everything to do with treating the range of side-effects, that the drugs – pharmaceuticals – generate. Canabis, Amollerate the side-effects.
    I', am like many, under lockdown, due to carona virus 19, and the benifits of the canabis that was being accessed – named varieties – is no longer available, and while CBD helps, THC, in conjunction, amollerates the side-effects much better, reducing my opiate usage, and the use of anti-inflamatorys.
    Please allow viewers to share this video, as it's the best one, that I have been able to find, to date.

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