Cannabis Law in the UK

Recent cases of children being allowed medical treatment with cannabis oil is prompting a government rethink…with an unlikely proponent.


  1. I heard this nonsense on radio 4…old john Humphreys huffing and puffing wheeling out the scare stories and making the classic hysterical arguments against it like conflating the word 'legal' with the word 'complusary'…'we don't want ALL our kids on it!' but then goes on the say 'ask any teenager and they can get some in 10 minutes' which again saying you can 'get some' and really being able to is two different things in my opinion most of the kids they've asked have probably watched too much breaking bad…somebody who has a toke now and then is no different to somebody who has an odd bottle of wine now and then…BUT on the other side of the coin the pro dope smokers who say 'it don't kill people or it don't do any harm are fooling themselves…your lungs are for breathing fresh air not air laced with smoke of any kind and if you do ill effects will follow but it comes with the territory

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