1. Born 1954 & raised in Vancouver BC, Started puffin Weed in 1966′ age 12, My Buddies Older Brother went down to 4th. ave in Kitsilano and scored off the hippies….back then it was all Compressed Kilos of seed weed Mexican,
    Seemed like they just tossed in handfuls of seeds in the bricks, we even found Peyote buttons in them….Then Some sensimilla made its way up Gorraro, Yucatan Panama even Acapulco, then different kinds of Columbian Gold Chocolate,..There was actually homegrown weed being sold here in the early ’70s it was pounds and pounds of leaf with no bud in it…This gave homegrown a bad name that took many years to break out from. The Jamaican came in so hard-pressed we would heat it up with microwave to get it apart, bout that time the odd bit of super Californian bud was sneaking its way up …and some Maui Wowie made its way across the Pacific from Hawaii into Van. Them sweet little Thai Sticks were about the best treat one could hope to get their hands on back then It had different names, Buddha sticks, Elephant weed, etc, Thailand has recently legalized weed and Thai sticks are making a comeback,,, YaHoo!!!
    Then the untied Thai was coming in massive loads on mother ships …there was one load that was in vac-packed kilos with paper tags in them with an Eagle on it and it was the kill …lol…Outdoor finally cleaned up its act got organized and up to the times and started pumping out seedless bud …then around 1984//85 people slowly started growing indoor weed here, and It’s popularity took off like wildfire,,,In the beginning, LB.’s were going for 36 hun. The last big load of untied Thai came in about that time and didn’t do to well the indoor was all the rage,,, As the years passed if was all indoor and outdoor which kinda peaked at around 23 and then the teens …when 9-11 happened in 2001 the boarders tightened up and we came to a grinding halt on the exports south which caused a huge glut and prices fell dramatically ….In the past couple years to now, the outdoor hit an all-time low around 500/lb and the indoor anywhere from 900 to mid-range kushes etc around 12-14 hun and the high ends /Trip.s up to 17 & 18 hun/lb….
    …Then there is the “”Turn Hashish into Ashe’s”” Saga … But I’ll save something for tomorrow … East Van Guy.

  2. The sun news paper in uk are saying if they legalise it it will create more drug issue and lead to stronger drugs, first of all I’ve taken most drugs and out of all of the weed is the best buzz all the rest are waste of time,and second of all you can get it easier that going to the shop so the media lies and don’t have a clue to the real world , if they legalise it they make a hell of a lot of tax their idiots

  3. Not all of what this video shows is true. The legal age to purchase cannabis in Canada is 19. That's false, because in some provinces it's 18. The amount of marijuana you can grow per house hold in Canada is 4 plants. Again false,in Vancouver that's true but not for all provinces. In Quebec growing your own marijuana at home is illegal.

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