Cannabis hermaphrodite plants

In this video I look at two different examples of Cannabis plants, in different levels of becoming hermaphroditic plants. Typically Cannabis is either male or …


  1. If you are doing any giveaways, I would like to be considered. I am a med patient and have begun to grow not just for myself but for others in need without the financial means to purchase their lifesaving meds.

  2. I stressed mine out and it switched up on me. After watching I think one of your videos I decided to let it go and get good seeds from it that are 99% female. It is the only one I got. Well except for the last one I cut down decided to grow one more bud at the base of the cut off trunk. Had to leave it go. This is all an experiment. I pushed it and now I know the limit. I was trying to get it to foxtail. This plant has great potential just had lighting issues. I started it outside and forgot about it. It went straight into flower and grew awesome flowers but I brought it inside in fresh green frog. I over fertilized it my timer broke and was getting 18hours of light. I am really surprised it hasn't even lived this long. Not even sure what it is. It just came in a sack. The expensive one from a reputable source germinated but never came up. I paid a lot of money for those Cindy lemon and night train. I assume this is some sort of purp cause that's all I buy and it sure looks like one but just a guess. Definitely learning on this one.

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