Cannabis Grow Op Tour – Learn from a Master Grower

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  1. California weed is the best in the world. BUT… The closer you get to the Canadian border the better it gets. Try crossing the border, and you'll end up in the wonderland.

  2. Man i appreciate the walk through..just stqrting 1st serious grow….since laws changed ..i took time to pick on expirenced growers.. so i may learn more…on growing..i thank them for really giving me there experience for me ..which most wont do..but beeing a mentor to them guiding them these guys guiding me as a respect …thanks you yall too

  3. What I love is how tax payers are both tapped out of $ and at risk for violent crime more than usual. Yet we are forced to support financially a prison system full of poor shmucks who committed weed related offences. And they are being kept from being useful in society, paying child support, taxes, or just having a job. Violent offenders are the threat for the average person. The system needs to leave off weed altogether and concentrate on violent offenders. The government can't figure this out? WTF?

  4. Travis: the clones stay in the three by three’s for sixty days.
    also Travis two minutes later: so they stay in the three by three for thirty days and then go into the two gallons for another thirty.
    me: ok that makes more sense, I was gonna say, sixty days in that tiny pot?
    But great job otherwise man, much respect

  5. Thats a really pretty operation you have there😀 does a plant growing quickly effect leaflet production? Mine is 4 1/2ft and its 2 1/2 months old. But since it began vegging it went from 5 leaflets to 3. It shows no signs of deficiency. Seems healthy and theres plenty of airflow to the roots

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