1. Hi your plants look good I have a question to ask I have two plants one is photoperiod and auto outdoor? This is like my third grow why is my photo about to harvest I planted them at the same time 6-19 they both are still budding,the auto I should be harvest the end of the month I am lost ?

  2. weathers so weird this year, here in australia weve had our dryest winter in ages, very bipolar weather, sucks about your mold, maybe defolating earlier stages might help with mold, sometimes it cant be helped, bugger

  3. I hope the rain let's up for you. What about 4 2x4s and a pane of plastic on top on an angle? Then it will drip off and they won't get directly pounded

  4. Glad to see everything is alright there was worried about you and your family. You have been through an awful lot of crap this yr. Hope all the bud makes it through and you have a bounty of bud. Take care my friend

  5. Tyson, your videos are an inspiration. I know you have been hit hard there with the fires, etc. I actually juiced leaves for the first time this week because of your recommendations! Chin up and looking at the horizon dude! Cheers from Hudson Valley, NY

  6. Alrite Cannabis Healthy… There you are …good to hear from ya… Was worried with the fires Goin on in your neck of the woods… Everything is looking good . nice work …. Love homestead lifestyle…getting closer to a ataining a spot of my own in a couple years…for now stuck in the big city. Luckily l can grow my own .. 38 on the go. Just uprooted one today .. oh yea she's ready.. an African sativa dominant…haves lots of blue berries . Gorilla glue .critical kush,gelatinous is comming along real nice…2more weeks for the rest.. and some a little sooner .happy harvesting bud😀

  7. clean out the dead leaves and most of the fan leaves in the center of the plant , it will help with mold. also if you start to get mold you can try giving them a shake in the morning and get the dew off em, you can cut little pieces of the bud away here and there for more airflow… what I've done in the past to fix branches falling over is pound a post in as close to the center of the plant as you can (but at least 6 inches away from the stock as to not harm the roots) and run string or garden wire from the top of the post down to the branch about 2/3 the way up the branch to pull them up, run multiple lines if you have to. try to get air passing around each branch and take off a lot of the fan leaves, it will help. the more air you can get around each bud the better it will be, thanks for posting see you soon, cheers from Ontario.

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