Cannabis Essential Oil Cured my Basal Cell Carcinoma

Cannabis essential oil healed my basal cell carcinoma and the dermatologist could not believe it. I have learned so much about all essential oils since this …


  1. I have had Basal cell carcinoma 5 times since my first visit. I'm getting really tired of seeing them and getting "checked out" for more. Getting cut up and stitched up gets really old. Currently have one on my neck I'm waiting on. Is there a cbd oil I can use so I don't have to pay 600-700 $ again to get cut up again?

  2. Thank you for this! I’ve had over 30 basal cell skin cancer surgeries and am so sick of being cut on! I’ve gotten rid of about 6 basal cell cancers now with cannabis oil with THC. It does work!!! I’m treating two more on my face now. Only downside is the skin gets very red and swollen around the area being treated, coconut oil on top helps calm the skin though. Thanks again!

  3. Great video, Chelsea! I have basil cell carcinoma that I've been treating with CBD tincture with some THC added and some ethanol to aid in skin penetration. I'd love to chat with you about this. My email is and my name is Tom.

  4. Did you use Rick Simpson type oil that is sticky like tar? And it has high dosage of THC. This is the 4th one on my face. First one removed with MOHS, 2nd on my cheek my surgeon neice removed that one-night 3rd on my temple didn't have insurance so we did the cheapest scrape and burn and did not come back. Now I have Medicare (65) but want to try this. I have been consistent since 3/14/19 but allergic to adhesive and the surrounding areas look worse. Since April 3 I have been covering spot with a small cut out of parchment paper, it is doing the job of covering but skin around the spot still looks angry. I am wondering if I should let the area rest a while. My dermatologist who I trust said I could use the cannabis oil until 5-15-19 when I have to see him again. I went to Dr Lam for the spot on my nose Feb 19, he found a melanoma on my bicep and cut it out, then when taking the stiches out the following week I showed him a spot above my wrist, biopsy came back melanoma, he got that one out, so no biopsy on my nose yet but looks like basal. My wrist was cut from side to side on my right(dominant) hand, have to wear a wrist guard brace until April 17, my surgery was done March 15. I am resisting depression, I know so many human souls going through much more than I, so I try to stay positive. Thank you for contacting me,8 really thankful.

  5. high thc low cbd. no sideffects. it's gone. maybe she meant high cbd low thc. really cool. I'm glad you saved yourself with natures elements. You are empowered . nature is with us. it's from the divine for our help. We are divine eternal beings. thank you. yes!!! what are some details about the healing oil you used? right, natural sun bathing oils. with rosehips and cannabis , lavender , etc. good stuff. I want to create a healing oil for something like psoriasis.

  6. Thanks for sharing! I was just diagnosed with a superficial BCC on my face MOHS surgery scheduled for 5/15 and they want me to see plastic surgeon 2 days later…..Looking for alternatives. Went to your website and see you are a Doterra rep, is the oil your talking about Doterra?

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