Cannabis Cultivation For Health and Wellness

There is more to Cannabis than THC and “getting high” this humble plant provide many benefits to health and well-being by provide important medicine via CBD …


  1. I personally would like more information from you but your regular people may object. I would love to talk to you on the phone about this. I also don't want the "high" but could really use the benefits. I have ostioarthriyis and lately my blood tests say I am anemic so the seeds sound like a good idea. The email attached to this account is my daughter's and I don't always get my messages. You can find me on Facebook as Judy Buck. I would love to hear from you, I have many questions.

  2. Great content!

    Maybe the Queen Dream cultivar from Blue Forest Farms could replace the CBD strain you no longer have access to? I've grew it last year with good results!


  3. Oh yeah. I forgot about your stance on altered states. I guess my research on the cultivar was bad, too. Glad to have that cleared up.
    I'm definitely interested in learning more about this, and possibly following along. With the two gardens I'm putting in at friend's places, plus the possibility of finally getting my own little property, I'll take all the pain relief I can get. The less dependent I am on our delicate supply chain, the better. That applies to food and medicine alike.

  4. 🙂 nice looking babies
    I smoke for many medicinal reasons
    I loved my one sativa she went all seedy it was a good energy one i ate the seeds off the plant very peppery it helped in the morning
    It wasn't overly powerful but still helped with pain and sickness and had tons of seed but she was pollinating herself with male flowers on the stem
    I was told when sativas get stressed out they will turn both to pollinate itself
    Your in Canada arnt you or am i wrong?
    If your in Canada i still have several seeds if you wish to try?

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