Cannabis 101 Grand Daddy Purple Germination Growing Cannabis with LEDs

Cannabis 101 Grand Daddy Purple Germination Growing Cannabis with LEDs. Also I announce the winners of the secret contest and the First 10 commenters.


  1. Started 4 of my GPM seeds I got from joining Patreon 48hrs ago and three of them popped already. The 4th one is barely visible in the root riot hole. Doing it the WTTGT way. The only way!

  2. I had a bit of a different question. As I've not seen a video on this, how do you keep/Treat a Mother plant? I'm pretty sure you keep it at 18/6 to keep it in veg, but do you use a veg feeding schedule? How long do you keep a Mother plant? Kinda a different line of questions, but inquiring minds want to know! Thanks!

  3. Grow Tent can you help me out? I try to wait as long as I can between waterings. When the ladies start to droop and sag and leaves feel flimsy, that's when I water. Yet every time I water, the ladies immediately show signs of overwatering with the clawing of leaves. What am I doing wrong? I'm afraid if I wait even longer between waterings, the girls will just wilt

  4. I take my dome off when they pop which created me having to water multiple times in a week. Do I still only add clonex once a week although the clonex bottle recommends every watering?

  5. People are bitches. Don't let their negativity get to you sir. You just do you. They're gonna complain one way or another. If it's not one thing it's another. I think most of us who watch you like the live giveaway. I could be wrong, but I am never wrong. Lol
    If you like doing them then screw the complainers. They don't deserve to win anyway.
    Grow Tent!!!!

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