Candle Powered Heater! (Improved!!) – DIY Radiant Space Heater! (w/fan!) – Clay Pot Heater!

Candle Powered Heater! (Improved!!) DIY Radiant Space heater! (with fan!!). Easy DIY. Produces 170F+ Temps. Since about half of all the heat from a clay pot …


  1. agree with clangerbasher, but wonder about how cost effective this REALLY is….those candles are pretty big and say you paid a dollar each that is 3 dollars per day for ONE room…great in an emergency….but not an alternative to high electric bill unfortunately.

  2. Interesting idea adding the fan in an elbow. Single wall flue pieces (including elbows) also come in black, which some might find more attractive. Perhaps one of those wood stove fans powered by a TEG would do something similar, and you wouldn't need a wire from power source- the heat from the pot energizes the fan for circulation. Anyway, great idea.

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  5. While people are measuring the heat right where it comes out, how much does it actually heat the room and how big a room does it heat? Also, does it actually make a difference in the winter time in cold climates?

  6. No candle power can't generate more BTUs under a flower pot… it just won't change things in the long run.. All the flower pots do is collect the heat.. If he had tested the heat temps for a longer period of time eventually the inner pot would have cooled down because of the volume of cold air passing across it by the fan..This idea however IS a good concept in an emergency situation when the SHTF and you lose electricity or gas… That is why candles are one of the best resources to have on hand for those situations….

  7. I made a variant of that. I used the same large candles but with clay sewer pipe cut at 24” with a clay cap at the top . I used a flower pot bottom.
    I really heats my room. I got a ton of candles cheap . I costs me almost nothing to heat my place now. 45 degrees outside now and 65 inside . Nice type of heat too. The candles last for almost 12 hours!

  8. I use sucker sticks from Dollar tree for candle wick about 5 of them wrapped together.And use empty fruits and vegetables metal cans.And put it in the metal animal cage or a thick wooden box to blow the heat with a fan.You probably can use shoe strings for the wick ?

  9. Any chance you’ll let me pay you to make about five for me? Also I saw where you can use halogen bulbs to somehow connect to a power source and make just as much it without having to deal with candles that go out every few hours. Any chance you ‘d hook that up too?

  10. Just a suggestion. Use a Peltier to produce Electricity from the heat to run the fan. Then all you need to buy is the candles. Or instead of candles, you can use a Lamp burner with a wick and a jar, you can use any lamp oil. cheaper, hotter and lasts longer No outside electrical current needed. It will produce its own.

  11. A lit candle gives off the same amount of heat, weather you stick a can around it or not. All you're doing is keeping the heat in a smaller area. Without the can it will rise straight to the roof and dissapate into the room. This is only useful in certain situations. Like if you're in an emergency and you need to stay warm while conserving fuel. Maybe stuck in your vehicle in a blizzard, but they make emergency heaters for that which are sold at Walmart. If you're inside, the heat will be the same and will stay in the room regardless, this just keeps it in one spot for longer. Maybe as a space heater, just to warm up the area where you're at. Just put on a blanket…

  12. Here’s what I see but I haven’t tried it. Eventually the cold moving air will cool the pots faster than the candles can heat it. It may still blow warmer air but it may not be noticeable. When you first plug the fan on with the hot pots it will blow hot I don’t doubt that. This is much better candle heater than the ones with out a fan to distribute the heat.

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  14. I'm gonna try this…..but I'm gonna hook up the fan to my fat girlfriend's exercycle….. she'll be able to power that baby right along with the Christmas tree lights…..all I have to do is keep the tray off to the side full of Papa John's …… boulyah!

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