Canada looks to legalise recreational use of marijuana

Canada looks to legalise recreational use of marijuana Canada’s government is aiming to pass legislation that will legalise the recreational use of marijuana.


  1. It's all Legal Lies they are capitalizing on Cannabis and restricting access more then ever. It's no longer about medical or recreational use its all about profit.

  2. It should be legal. I only smoke a few times a year if that. But when I do I figure out that I should smoke more often. It gets rid of my muscle pain and swelling for a while and it helps me sleep and my apetite becomes normal. I have had issuses with my stomach for a long time which I cured with raw garlic and the weed just makes my stomach feel settled again.

  3. Jodie emery speaks the truth. This is legalization for millionaire stock holders only, we are seeing more arrests then ever, and they promise more enforcement and even stricter punishments for users and growers. on top of the mandatory minimum sentences we already face. This fake liberal government is all lies and complete opposite actions to what they speak.

    same thing on climate change, on electoral reform, first nation funding. list goes on and on all broken promises.

  4. oke looks good. but how do you prevent the number don't increase, like this young and idiots will have no problems trying it. as you could get from the docter later legal in the future. this is actually kind encouraging if there no strict conditions to it.

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