1. I've tried overdosing on cannabis. But I only managed to smoke 3 grams before eating everything in the fridge and going to sleep. Its just not possible to smoke a fatal dose of cannabis..You'd have to smoke 1500 pounds of grass in 15 minutes..Not even snoop dog can do that,,

  2. Back in the seventies we smoked all the time if you smoke too long you smoke yourself straight you cannot overdose on it it is not a drug it is a herb the only classified as a drug so they can make it a felony if you're caught

  3. I took it like an oil and i almost died but my mom is a nurse and she helped me with everything, i was lucky been at my moms house. It wasn’t my first time but maybe i took more than the other days. Now i will not use it again i almost died. Life is beautiful

  4. I definitely “overdosed” last night I genuinely thought I was going to die my heart rate went up so high and I literally thought I was going to die I was freaking out bad

  5. No chance. A marijuana overdose is unattainable due to the quantity and the time it needs to be consumed in. The LD50 of marijuana is 480kg in 15 minutes. That’s the equivalent of 30,000 joints.

  6. In England we call that phsycosis thing hitting white and it makes you vomit when you close your eyes all you see is white, sweat and fall asleep very fast

  7. Only less that 45% of people who try weed feel these feelings of dying & stomach cramps, hearing their blood ryshing through their bodys, headache, sweats, dizzyness etc & other ill feelings only because of 1 or 2 reasons, . . . .
    1)If they are trying it for the first time or the first time in a long time & they have a bit too much
    2) A small persentage of people ARE HAVING A ALLERGIC REACTION.
    I am allergic to weed & get these reactions & ill feelings everytime i have tried to smoke weed & i have tried it alot, & i get the same sick, dying feelings everytime.

  8. me and my friend smoked weed in the bathroom in middle school. there was a kid in the next stall and he got double the weed smoke we did because he got 2 peoples smoke and he died of a THC overdose and was buried when he dead

  9. @ComoutaSezNo… I'm not sure if you either have some kinda of pre-existing condition or maybe you should check where your getting your weed from. Cuz I've never heard of anyone having all these crazy effects that your describing. Yes I've heard of people experiencing being a parinoid and usually thats because of the feeling of being cought doing something your not supposed to be doing. Yes I've heard of people get so high their heart rate picks up and they start to get paranoid. But all in all that goes away; if you are going to try weed for the first time I recommend you do it with someone that has already done it before. Also make sure your not taking any medication or that you don't have any medical conditions, especially heart conditions.

  10. Smoking affects the lungs. So that will be the most dangerous thing about using weed. Vaporise will be les harmless for youre lungs. but still it is smoking. There are some people who never should use it. Same counts for Strawberry´s, drinking milk or eating gluten. Than again, you wont die from using cannabis, you can die from Strawverry´s.

  11. you can get seriously ill from doing this. allt his bullshit about its not too dangerous, well i can tell you, even i its not one of the first times it can somehow randomly have different effects, for example passing out multiple times, for hours, feeling nothing in your body, having the sensation of passing from your own life to unconsciousness,  feeling like you shouldnt be where you are (spiritually)… its very strange. and there is a difference from THIS and GETTING HIGH. A huge difference.

  12. maybe one day ill just buy $350 worth of marijuana and force someone to smoke it (a.k.a gun to the head or if they are real stoners then they wont care) so I can watch them squirm (have a seizure) and not help them at all. but if that person does come back to his senses then ill force him to smoke more even if he begs me, telling me he wont do it anymore just so I can see him die doing what he thought he loved most of all. ya I think ill do that pretty dam soon. what do ya viewers think?

  13. @randomperson63758 if it can't be done then it couldn't have been experimented on therefore we don't know how much it would take to kill a person I think your theory is something some stoner made up just to shut people u

  14. For any noobs out there wondering, yes you actually CAN OD on marijuana.
    HOWEVER the amount in which an individual would have to consume and/or smoke to OD is impossible to accomplish.

    Long story short: To OD on weed you'd have to smoke your entire body weight in weed in under 6 minutes or so. In other words: It can't be done.

  15. lol when you smoke to much weed your brain just forces your body into rimsleep.
    It is true that if your are forced to inhale marijuana like how the scientists did with monkeys. Your brain cells can die from lack of oxygen but not anything in the plant.

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