1. Hey bro everything looks good. As far as I can tell though monique didn't lose her shit. Last I saw she had it covered. As far as Austin angler. I mean let's be fair the plants had no support and shit. I know that flies most years but you gotta plan for the worst. Much love bro

  2. 8ball kush by Barney’s farm, I have sum monster cropped ones they got like a month to go but there extremely hardy and can handle negative temps, she’s gonnna b PURPLE , or black lol n red .. but I expect an easy 2.5 pounds off one of them she’s 4.5ft tall they don’t grow tall but since it’s monstered she’s just a 7foot each way ,round bush with like hundreds of foot long+ colas lol like the blueberry muffin guy on YouTube In the 65-100gal pots or whatever getting a pound or two, but it’s twice that size and I dentical shape lol ultra dense the clone I cut she produced 90 grams in my tent from 31 days from seed planted straight into a 7gal fabric from germination… the other two pheno’s from the 3 pack I ran were garbage well pretty good shit but not even in same league as this pheno for structure/THC/nice fall colour fan leaves/etc just a beautiful pheno so glad I found it.

  3. Gorgeous garden Groham. The smoke dont seem to hurt my plants too much but maybe even made them flower faster. Harvested a few plants already in Mid Sept. 10 more days till Oct and the harvest begins. Let's Grow.

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