Booze Industry Using Sneaky Tricks To Fight Marijuana Legalization

Wikileaks recently revealed that the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA), under the guise of promoting safety, used an email advertisement on a …


  1. LE needs an accurate test if they are going to include smokers in these stats! As I'm sure you all know, they are testing for the wrong metablolites that wouldn't show how recently someone smoked. Every test should be thrown out of court b/c of how long it stays in your system even when not "high."

  2. well, cannabis obviously has an effect on how you drive.. i can only speak from my own experience, and at least 15 hours after consumption, so take it with a grain of salt: it makes you more cautious, i.e. you'll likely drive too slow. you become an obstruction to more aggressive (for example: drunk) drivers.
    but: be a responsible person and try to minimize the risks while driving, even if you have to break ignorant laws. there's no reason why you should drive completely stoned. i once fell asleep on the stairs while walking out of a coffee shop in amsterdam, that's not a condition you should drive in.

  3. I would say alcohol has nothing to worry about, but when i know i don't have a drug test, and I can smoke weed, I don't drink at all. Until I have to try to get clean, because I'm about to be subject to testing again. If I never got tested I probably would be able to count how many times I drink in a year on one hand.

  4. They're acting like children by lying to people to get what they want and ignoring facts just so their business won't be shut down and they know they will be put out of business. They could just switch to working in the marijuana industry and potentially make more money assuming it does better than their current business.

  5. I've driven stoned for 2 consecutive years and have never even come close to being pulled over. Unlike alcohol, weed doesn't give people false confidence. If you get so stoned to the point where you feel like it will impair your motor skills, you will either drive cautiously or not at all. If you drive drunk, you could run over a fat kid on the fucking sidewalk and still think your doing great.

  6. CANNABIS IS 100% NON-TOXIC, ITS A " ANTI-OXIDANT, AND NEUROPROTECTIVE ", IT'S SCIENTIFICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO DIE FROM AN OVERDOSE. I agree 100% Jimmy ty for posting this video. As a medically retired United States Marine, and former Police Officer I can tell you all this, I went from 13 different pills for my maladies, to just using CANNABIS. I haven't used pills from pharma, or over the counter drugs, nor ciggs or smokes etc, just cannabis for almost 6 years, that's all we need our bodies MASTER SYSTEM is the Endocannabinoid System, it runs ALL of the bodies systems, functions. So Cannabis is to be used by every human animal that has a vertebrate regardless of age. The war on Cannabis and all substances is a sham, phony crony capitalism that puts black and brown people, and every other human that uses cannabis, or other substances in jail for their profits over our wellness smh. But channels like yours, and TYT all together is helping. Please feel free to call our organization, we have an amazing Botanist, Geologist Dr. Steven Tuck, the Scientist for Weed Maps out of Irvine CA, and social workers, and other staff that work, and or founded the org. We could help educate your staff and TYT for free on the Endocannabinoid System and Cannabis in general so your channel can be the best it can be when educating your listeners. I'm the President and one of 5 Co-Founders of Veterans Cannabis Collective Foundation Inc. and we are a Not-for-Profit out of Rochester New York, please call our non-emergency PTSD/VA Assistance and information Hotline ext 1, thank you again Jimmy and all of your staff on the show you guys are the best, ya kick ass thanks again ! 1-844-462-4002 Ext 1 SSGT Mark DiPasquale USMC Medically Retired President and Co-Founder at VCCF Inc.

  7. Back when everyone was worried about the tobacco industry undermining & monopolizing marijuana, my husband was warning people to keep an eye on the alcohol industry. He knew this long ago.

  8. Simple: the only people supporting marijuana prohibition are 1) black market drug dealers, 2) DEA agents, 3) Big Pharma, 4) Big Tobacco & Alcohol, and 5) private prison investors. The most visible "drug problem" in the USA right now is the DEA.

  9. I'm sure Pharmaceutical, alcohol, tobacco etc ALL trying to keep weed illegal! They would lose money or so they think! Almost forgot the jails, DEA and local $$ to the police would also decrease if legalized… Very corrupt system of cash flow!

  10. Marijuana is so dangerous and deadly:

    I once got so high, I watched an entire season of PeeWee's Playhouse in one sitting.

    I wasted half a day……..I had nothing to do anyway.

  11. Wow, this couldn't have had ANYTHING to do with the political sandbagging done against Bernie Sanders on Politico's account. None at all. What would they have to gain? 🤔🤔🤔

  12. Now that the DEA has opened the door for medical studies of cannabis in theUS, you best be prepared for a full on attack by BigPharm. They are trying to take away medically infused candies from those of us who need something small vs. a brownie or cookie. But I can have all sorts of morphine in my cabinet.

  13. Hey Jimmy how about you do a piece on the tobacco industry lobbying to destroy the e-cigarette vaping usage which is helping millions of people LIKE ME to stop smoking tobacco huh.

  14. I live in WA state. We are very much using our right to recreational cannabis. Most people I know choose to smoke rather than drink now that we HAVE THE CHOICE. The alcohol industry is afraid of being displaced that is all.

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