Blue Gelato from SEED Ep.2 Scrogging, Lollipopping & Weeks 5-8 VEG, TSL2000 light

In Episode 2 of the Blue Gelato from SEED grow series we cover Scrogging Cannabis, Lollipopping & Week 5-8 of VEG. The High PH issue is resolved and …


  1. *GIVEAWAY!!!* As a Thank you to everyone supporting the channel I'll be giving away a Mars Hydro TSL2000 LED Grow Light as seen in my recently finished OG Kush from SEED to HARVEST grow series.
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  2. I need to start paying attention to you and start wearing shades , after leaving my garden I do notice my vision gets a lil blurry , or so I tell my friends when playing call of duty and I get Mercked lol , nice vid homie can't wait to check out your next ones , thumbs up all day

  3. Killer Video bud, if i had the cash id totally buy into a patron or something maybe after Pandemic when my bills go back down lol., you should be write offable as a health expense these vids are so therapeutic to me. I just "Eat me a bowl cereal" and vibe. look forward to the next one. I wanna see your flowing conditions, see how you got them fatty nugs. Keep it up dewd!

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