Blow through Bed Box 2008 Ford F250 420 Truck with Marijuana leafs by Audiotistics

Rockford product 4 T1 12s Rockford T2500bd-1 T600-4 41 8 inch punch pro mids 6 Rockford PP4T tweeters 6.5 inch punch pro mids. Add us on FACEBOOK.


  1. I'm curious what you think about a unique semi-blowthru enclosure idea.
    It would be for a reg cab truck with bucket seats (prp off road seats).
    The enclosure would be like a regular wedge shaped truck box, except the rear of it would extend through the cab to provide more clearance depth for the magnets of the woofers. (Which would be some idmax 12's).
    Ever seen anything like it before, or have any ideas about it, good or bad?

  2. A T600-4 was powering all those speakers?? Was it all wired down to 2 ohm? Shit and I have a T600-4 and was worried about buying the rockford pro's cause I didn't think I could give them enough power lol

  3. Hey young man been along time. Just got to say your work has come a long way. You are a pro now .I am very proud of you. A friend just told me to check this out and I was shocked it was you. Great job ,hope your family is all well. Take care

  4. Nice to see another awesome build by you guys! The Punch Pro 1.5" tweeters and 6.5" midrange scream in those doors. The Power T1 12" look great too! Thanks for promoting the video and making Rockford Fosgate an integral part of this fanatic's ride!

  5. kool. im in afghanistan i got two weeks til im back in the states. i seen your video and seen that their freakin huge!!! i got hyped instantly lol i heard you have to hook them up directly to the amp, is that true?

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